From Las Vegas to New York CITY!!! More sins...

  1. Hey Tpfers,

    I am in NYC and boy did I FALL In love with the Astrakan. My name was on the list and then I just passed cause the pictures DID not do ANY justice. Wait till I get home and snap a couple of pics on my iphone and will share them with everyone!! I also managed to grab a Les Marais Flap in gold. So I am really excited that I FOUND this baby. It's lambskin but you can't tell cause it's treated and so it feels tough.

    I also bought a pair of black patent Manolo's. Yes I am on a deadly shopping spree before it hits fall.

    My new reissue has been sandwiched so much that it's sagging at the bottom. I paid so much for this bag and it's going soft on me. I try to tell myself that it adds character. Oh well. Justifying that my money was well spent?

    My aunt just moved from London to New Jersey and would like a SA either in NYC or in NJ.

    She is extremely picky and does not like to be pushed into buying. But once she sees something she likes, she will grab the same one in all the colors.

    So I need a patient and nice SA that keeps her up to date on events, and so forth.

    If anyone knows an SA who is patient and able to help her out, then please send them my way.

    Thanks everyone in advance!!!

    p.s: I have to post pics of my Astrakan and Le Marais!!!! :yahoo:
  2. I would love to see your pics....please post soon.
  3. I love the Les Marais flap in gold! Can't wait to see your pics!
  4. would love to see your sins! congrats
  5. I love both the Astrakan and the golden Le Marais.:okay:Can't wait for your pix to drool over!!!
  6. I'd love to see your new bags! Congrats.
  7. I absolutely love the Les Marais flaps, especially in the gold/black and dark brown colors! Congrats on your new purchases!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. Exciting! I can't wait to see the pics of your Astrakan!
  9. Traveling gal! Please post pictures when you can, would love to see it! Congrats!
  10. Here we go ladiessssssss....... I just touch down an hour ago and had to rip my boxes apart. *j/k* I snapped these pics with the iphone (which I am also pissed about) cause it's now in the 300's and I bought it in the 600's. DEPRESSING. At least I have my good ol' Chanel bags to look forward to. My feet is filled with blisters as I didn't bring any walking shoes to NY, silly me but nothing a spa-pedicure couldn't fix tomorrow. :smile:

    I will promise to post more pics of these bags in action but I think my Reissue has received (from SF to Vegas to NYC and back!) enough abuse of being on the airport security belt and the floor of Virgin Atlantic that it needs to be back into hibernation mode for a couple of weeks while I start to use the Astrakan.

    I like the fact that the crinkled look happens on the both sides. So anyhow you carry it, no one can tell whether it's the front or the back. The side looks like the Mademoiselle style with horizontal lines going across. It's a neat and roomy bag to be carrying around with but if it looks like a really mature bag, so dressing down would be key to lug this softy around. It almost feels like the bubble quilt, but the looks is completely revamped from the classic chanel.

    The Les Marais, the gold is not that appealing because it seems like someone took a sponge dipped in black paint and sponged it all over, then wiped it off with a clean cloth. Like how you would treat your wall to create effect. The hardware looks more MATTE gold than what's on the classic flaps. This one I might have to get used to especially when I am so glued to the Metallic Reissue now. I have to say size wise, it's between Medium Classic Flap and Jumbo Classic Flap. You can't maximize the chain to a messenger, so that's the only set back cause being a frequent traveller, I need some flexibility with carryon, laptop bag and luggage.

    There you go, my synopsis for the nite!!!

  11. Congrats Loveone!I think the Astrakan is an extraordinary bag with an intriguing design:heart: -I haven't seen IRL yet but so far I love its look!I like LE MArais too because it combines glam with a sportful look:tup:!
  12. ohh your bags are cute!! congrats on your new purchases!
  13. Love all of them. Congrats on your new members. ;)
  14. This is one beautiful photo!!! Excellent taste!! Love them all! :heart::heart:
  15. Also would you do us a huge photo and model the gold flap one if you get the chance! Thank you!!