From jumbo to mini - the chanel madness continues

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  1. The month of August was insanely stressful for me (bag shopping-wise) as I had to return 3 pre-loved Jumbos due to varying reasons (either damaged or incorrect bag delivered). And I really just wanted a new bag :P

    So I thought, maybe the Jumbo just isn’t for me since things just kept going wrong with my purchase.

    I then started looking at minis and was shocked that most in the preloved market are priced at retail (these are 2-5yr old bags) or $400-$500 above retail. So I went to the boutique and checked out if they had any brand new minis. And I was lucky enough to have the option of getting a square pink or blue, or a rectangle pink or blue.

    I’m finally at bag peace (until the next obsession starts). Seriously though, when does it stop?!? :smile:

    931A8409-8DD0-4FF4-8ABD-76341F542DC7.jpeg F51ACF8F-C409-4FDD-9F24-92BF78A0B1FD.jpeg A065BA61-F22E-4E64-A8A5-F9850EFD24B3.jpeg A15F4881-ED7D-4776-B33B-D393302D20AF.jpeg
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  2. Oh they're all so lovely! Did you go for the pink rectangular one in the end (I see it's in a box). So puffy!

    Sorry to hear your jumbos didn't work out.
    But if it's any consolation... I haven't touched my jumbo AT ALL since I got my minis. :blush:
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  3. Thanks! Yup, I ended up getting the pink rectangular mini. I already chose the blue square initially, but the lovely SA saw my dilemma about the blue square and pink rectangle. In the end, I went with the pink (which is purple as described in the tag)
  4. Both colours are beautiful. I wouldn't have known what to pick either.
    Can't believe they had stock though... not just one but 4! Lucky you.
  5. Yup, I know!

    I called the Chanel customer service here in Australia and was told that they’re not getting any minis in leather for this season. So whatever were left in the stores were the only stock for the next few months. The new ones coming are in tweed and other materials.
  6. ️love chevron!!! And I really love it on the minis!!! Gorgeous!!! Congrats to you! These will probable serve you as much or more than the heavier Jumbo.

    Do you still have the code by chance for either or both minis? I recently went to London in hopes of finding a square mini or something else that would make my heart sing. I didn’t leave empty handed as I was able to get a WOC that was on my list of wants, but that was it. However, I was apparently there at a bad time and they were out of so many items. Congrats again!!
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  7. 3EB21824-5361-406A-8507-BD06950E675C.jpeg 5D9AD900-6072-46A1-821F-08737FF48891.jpeg
    Thank you!

    I took photos of the square mini in blue and the rectangle in pink and blue. Forgot to take one of the square pink.

    I do feel quite lucky to have had 4 minis to choose from, even if I was really on the hunt for a bright red or a soft pink mini. :smile:

    Good luck on your search! And congrats on your WOC :smile:
  8. OMG!!! Thank you so much!!! I don’t want to call my SA here or go see her without the codes. This helps so much and love seeing those beauties more in the pics you provided
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  9. Congratulation on scoring a mini. And it’s a beautiful color. Great decision!
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  10. Thank you!
  11. You’re welcome and good luck! I hope you find one that you love :smile:
  12. Congrats! She’s a beauty!
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  13. Minis are just too cute
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  14. Thanks! They really are :smile: I know the next one I’m getting will be a square mini. I really loved how that looked too
  15. I love the colour, this combo is so classy
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