From Japan with pre LVoe... thank you Lee and Addy!!!

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  1. At laaaast I can have this discontinued bag that I've been in love for so long!!! I can buy pre loved with confidence now ;) thanks to Lee and Addy!!! Therefore, I am soooooo excited when mr postman came this morning.....
  2. Open open open ! :biggrin:
  3. Ready
  4. Just too excited to reveal my first pre loved....
  5. It even cameeeee with a dust bag!!! I am verrry happyyy...
  6. Open, please
  7. Open!
  8. My beautiful Saumur 35, made in france 1990!!!
  9. Omg Shea beautiful! Love it!
  10. image-1600182088.jpg

    Loving the patina!
  11. Congrats :smile:
  12. It came as beautiful as it is, but after some cleaning I am content :smile:
  13. Loving my beautiful crossbody!!! At last I can have one of my dream bag LOL Vintage LV is the best!!
  14. Congratulations
  15. Excellent condition for a 20 Plus-year-old bag...congrats!