From Japan site!

  1. Has anyone seen this particular Legacy wallet in boutiques? I just got the Signature Legacy Shoulder bag in brown and don't really care for the matching french wallet because it doesn't have an ID slot. I found this wallet on the Japan site and really like. How come the Japan site has different items and can I order this item even though it's from Japan? :confused1: TIA!!
  2. it looks like the item number is 40720. I would call coach and ask them if you can order it. You never know! I really don't know why they have some different things than us, but I love some of the stuff they get!
  3. I just called and they said they can't order anything from Japan. Damn it, I really want that wallet! :cursing:
  4. did you ask to order that particular order number because i and other tpfers have ordered items that are only on the japanese website. i might call again
  5. ok I just called JAX (888-262-6224) and YES IT IS AVAILABLE to order in the US. You just call and tell them you want to order item #40720. It is available in brown (all choc color) and khaki/black and the price is $198. It's called the Legacy north/south wallet.
  6. Spacy you are so awesome! That was your good deed for the day! :tup:
  7. OH WOW thank you so much!!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: I can't believe you actually called and asked, that is so nice of you thanks a million. I wonder if I can order that when PCE comes around in December?
  8. :dothewave::tpfrox:
  9. you prob could but chances are it might be sold out by then.
  10. Oh no what is a girl to do? How bad do I want it? I need a matching wallet to go with my Legacy! Oh what the hell maybe I'll just go ahead and order it. Can I go to the store and order? I'd rather pay cash for it than charge it to a credit card. I don't want my hubby to think I bought another wallet.
  11. yeah you can order it in the store, which is actually better cuz then they waive the shipping charge. And if you need to hide it from hubby, you can always have it delivered to the store and go pick it up instead of having it sent to your house.
  12. Thanks so much for all your help, your the best! :drinks::tender: