From Heaven to Hell!!!!!

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  1. Ok lets start with the Heaven bit.

    Yesterday I went to pick up my new MIROIR bags, I got the Silver Speedy and the Gold Pochette (still waiting on the arrival of my Gold Speedy). When my SA bought the bags out and pulled open the dustbag I'd swear there was a glow coming out!!
    The shop was really busy & everyone was staring kinda like this :wtf:, my store is only getting 10 speedies (each color) & 6 pochettes ( each color) don't know about papillons I got mine from the first delivery (it's coming in 2 halves) so I'm really happy to get them.

    I absolutely adore them I can't stop looking at them!!

    I've put some pics on of the shawl & cles I picked up at the LV party a few days ago to.

    Now the Hell part:

    I got a Snowglobe sent from Paris it arrived today and it's broken :crybaby: .
    I think it has maybe frozen on the flight over and as the ice expanded it's broken the glass dome clean in half. The packing is perfect so I know that's not the problem & the postal service usually don't insure glass items so I'm pretty sure they won't take responsibility.
    Anyway there is a silver lining, called the Champs store and they said send it back and they will send a new one :yahoo: . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one makes it here safely because it is beautiful (apart from being empty)

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  2. Oh your bags are gorgeous! I'm so sorry for the broken snow globe - hopefully the new one will get there safely and in one piece!
  3. more pics

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  4. Yikes... I am glad that they are able to replace that for you. Congrats on the rest of your items. Love the scarf... Enjoy them:flowers:
  5. Congrats on the speedy and pochette! Lucky you!

    So sorry to hear that your snowglobe got destroyed. :sad:....awww! It's a good thing you can get it replaced!
  6. more pics.......ok i went alittle pic crazy

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  7. you look so cute modeling your speedy for us. from the sound of things, you made quite a large purchase. :P
  8. Sorry to hear a bout your broken globe, I hope it gets replaced.

    Otherwise the speedy looks great on you, enjoy!

  9. Gorgeous photo's! You carry that speedy very well!!! Congrats! :smile:
  10. The bags are gorgeous on you CONGRATS!! I really love the pouchette!

    So sorry to hear about your snowglobe but at least you have the opportunity to get a new one!! YEAH!
  11. Congrats. You have some great bags.
  12. Wow, very nice! I love how you added the pastilles to the pochette.

    Sorry to hear about your snow globe, at least it'll be replaced now.
  13. wow love all your purchases and I looove how you used pastilles with your pochette , what a great idea!!!!!!!! I hope i will eventually get a call from LV about my pochette too:smile: Congrats on your purchases:smile:
  14. awesome :smile: ooh sorry to hear about the broken snowglobe, hope it will be replaced soon :smile: congrats :smile:
  15. Oh! Wow...the bag looks really good on you!!

    Congrats!! :balloon:

    Ps. May I ask, at what store did you buy the bag? and people who will get the bag is on waitlist only, right?