From GM to MM

  1. Today was the first time i used my neverfull gm, i found it extremely big. So I'm thinking about taking it back to the store and exchange it to a mm. But will they let me do that? The bag still looks brand new, do you guys think they will give me a hard time? Also, i was wondering if the LV store gives refund or store credits only :confused1:.
  2. I think the rule is that you can exchange within 14 days or get refund. After that until the 30 day point you get store credit.
    I may be completely wrong.
  3. In the US you can return an unused bag with the receipt in 14 days for a refund, or within 30 days for a store credit. Store credits are good for one year from the issue date I believe. If you were super careful with the bag and there are no signs of use you should be fine. Do you have the receipt? A manager will most likely have to approve the return so they will look the bag over. If you are over 30 days sometimes they make exceptions, especially since you want to exchange. Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. Thanks everyone! I still have the receipt and everything, I'm heading over to the store tomorrow, hopefully i can get the mm and a 50$ refund. lols.
  5. Hmmm... $50 credit can go towards a Cles! :p
  6. Hmm..sounds like a pretty good idea :nuts:
  7. ^ one hundred thumbs up for the cles! :tup:
  8. Let us know what happens!!!!!! good luck !
  9. I just came back from the store today and i got the mm =D Not only did i get my mm my boyfriend also bought me a Pochette Florentine, i'm so happy. Was the Pochette Florentine suppose to come with a belt, or the belt is sold separately ?
  10. ^
    The belt is sold separately..

    BTW, congrats!!
  11. Thankyou Meeju