From diamonds by the yard to soleste

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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg Hello beautiful people!

    Lot of you were interested to see the final results ... So here we are. It's back from NYC after 10 weeks.

    A little back story. I had my yellow vivid .97 diamond set in a dbty setting (yellow gold). I was content with it until I saw the same diamond in soleste setting. I requested to have dbty changed to soleste in platinum.

    Attaching before and after pics. Enjoy! ✨
  2. Wow ! It's beautiful ! The surrounding white diamonds & platinum setting really bring out the vivid yellow of the diamond ! You've made the right decision Rami00!
  3. Stunning!
  4. I love it. The new setting makes it look huge and so much more sparkly than the bezel setting. Yay!
  5. Great decision to reset it. The soleste setting is beautiful. If you don't mind, can you share the cost of the reset?
  6. That pendant is spectacular in the soleste setting!
  7. The new setting is beautiful !:heart:
    But I also like the dbty setting.
    Still on my wish list.:flowers:
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  8. It is beautiful....Soleste setting way to go. Congrats Rami.
  9. Thank you everyone :heart:
  10. Thank you! I also like the dbty setting Liz. I have one in .26 round, white diamond. You should definitely get it.
  11. Thank you. The cost of the reset is $2517 +13% HST $327 = $2844.21 (Canadian)
  12. That is great value, well worth it. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  13. Amazing!!!!!
  14. That is a fair price since it is custom. Definately worth it. Now we need modeling shots :smile:
  15. I LOVE this !! Spectacular! Please post photos of it on, I'm sure it looks beautiful :heart: