From DH to PHH!!!

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  1. So tonight my DH tells me he won't be getting me a Chanel for Christmas!!! He thinks I have "enough" bags and doesn't see the point in spending 2K on a purse when we could get other things we would both enjoy (I can't imagine why he wouldn't enjoy a lovely classic flap!:shrugs: ). I said "That's OK, I guess I can save up for one", then he said I should probably be concentrating on paying off my credit card since he suspects my balance is pretty high, which I won't lie to ya, it is. Nothing I can't handle though.

    Instead he suggests we purchase a couple of pieces for our home from Restoration Hardware which we have been eyeballing lately. I can't really argue with that but still...WWWAAAAHHHH!! :crybaby: I want my Chanel!!

    Thanks for listening....
  2. So, how much ya got on the CC?:P
  3. awwwwww....I'm sorry! I say...let him think he won the argument for a while and then approach the subject again! He'll probably just be happy that he "won" and will cave LOL
    Hubby tried to do this once to me....and I actually told him" ya know honey...I agree....I do have to stop....for awhile" Yea....3 weeks later I was buying another one. LOL
    He'll cave...they always do!
  4. I wanted a longchamp bag, but SO said I had to many bags too. Instead, he got me a GPS system. Well, with my driving directional skills I could definetely use it LOL.:P
  5. aww... I can relate...I wanted a new bag..but somehow instead, we're going to Florida, I'm getting a newer car, and he's thinking about buying me a laptop

    guess we have to choose out battles? right girls
  6. I kind of agree, pay for you cc first. For the way you write this, though, seems he promised you Chanel which is wrong if he had no intentions of buying it.
  7. well, i hate to say it, but it sounds like your husband is being pretty reasonable! if you've already got a good bit of credit card debt, it would make more sense to use the money to pay that off instead of getting another bag (chanel classic flaps will be around forever, after all), and if you're hell-bent on spending the money, using it for something that's more useful for more people in your family like furniture.

    i don't mean to lecture, of course, but cut hubby some slack, he just wants what's best!
  8. ^^ agree with Amanda!
  9. what is PHH?:confused1: :shrugs:
  10. it!!! gotta learn from the pro :roflmfao: :graucho:

    I agree with you Twiggers, just let him think that you are agree with the deal but turn around do the opposite. My DH gets confused easily with my bags..

    DH: "New bag again??

    Me: "Nuh, this old thing?? You've seen this before" :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    DH:" :confused1: Oh, ok..
  11. Teehee!:P
  12. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing, im like wuhhhhht:confused1:
  13. awww...I am sorry. I agree with twiggers.....he'll cave dont worry....and you will get your chanel...

    as for your credit card debt...I personally think thats your business and its kinda rude for anyone to give you the 3rd degree on that.....or ask how much debt you have.....
  14. I get this all the time...the one liners fly high around here regarding my handbag/shopping habit. Everyone in the family has one ready any given time. I do slow down when it seems like its getting a little crazy and I swear 6 weeks later I will hear..honey, you have not bought a bag in ages. That is all I need for my next purchase. (hence the 866 number on my speed dial) lol Just take a break...enjoy what you have and then before you know the next conquest will presesnt itself!! For now go get some furniture girl!!
  15. My husband (who incidentally started my handbag craze) has stoped buying them for me altogether!! It used to be that I could ask him for bags for X-mas and birthday, but now I don't even bother....on the other hand though...I NEVER used to buy my own bags, and now I do, so I guess the only way I would have to ask is if it was something abnormally expensive.