fRoM DH : a fAx/sCaNNer/PhoTocopIer cHrisTmas GiFT and some mOrE!

  1. DH was crazy today - early christmas morning i was surprised to spy a huge box under our tree wrapped nicely with wrapping paper and ribbon - i suspect that its from HErMes!!!

    he still did not give it out to me until i pointed out the neglected huge gift under the tree! he said it was mine and that hopefully i wont get disappointed with my gift.....:confused1:.

    i excitedly opened the wrapper - tore it like crazy and this was inside the box :

  2. Ok. Out with the practical and functional gift. More, more. Hurry, hurry, we want orange!
  3. Is there a birkin hidden in the box? Croc? :graucho:
  4. Hmm....wonder what it could be!!!
  5. that was 8 am today. i was resigned in receiving the fax/copier machine - there's nothing wrong with that gift and besides, i do need a new printer. so we left the house and went to two christmas gathering parties with relatives' homes and when we got home tonight, i was busy packing for an overseas trip and i stumbled upon a bag that was conspicuously placed next to my black and etoupe birkin. from a far it looked odd - it looks like a bag i thought i already have but yet it looked different.

    Then i just realized that DH planted that bag there all day and he had a ball figuring out how long will it take for me to realize that it's there. phew! DH does surprises like that - they'll pop up in unexpected places :

    so, here's my brand new 35 swift parchmein birkin with GH

  6. pic again with no flash (the bag is just creamy and rich like LATTE!):

  7. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. OH, GORGEOUS! Enjoy, Pazt!
  9. Very, very pretty!
  10. It's beautiful!!! What a lovely present, how sweet of your DH :smile:
  11. that is just super super stunning!!! deserve it!
  12. Oh my gosh, LOL, you didn't even NOTICE at first that it wasn't one of the bags you already have??! :lol: :lol:

    Congrats, that is a very lovely Birkin!
  13. GORGEOUS!!! Love the story!
  14. Stunning, congratulations!!
  15. Wowza!!!!