From DAY to NIGHT Handbags!!!

  1. I will be going to Vegas in about 2 weeks! I am looking for a stylish black handbag that can go from day to night and still look cute because I can't pack a lot. Any suggestions? Also I do not want to pay too much right now, preferably under $150. Thanks in advance!
  2. This may be a little unconventional but I really like the day clutch (large so that it fits a lot!) for the day to night transition. When I carry my black one, no matter the setting, it always looks in place.
  3. hmmm how about something from zara? is there a zara store next to u?
    they have quite good range of bags
  4. Try checking out Marshalls/TJ Maxx etc for some cute clutches/smaller bags? They have a lot of nice Italian made bags sometimes.. Good luck!! :tup:
  5. Hmm, sounds good! Do you have any pictures or examples sold online?
  6. Cute suggestions, thanks!