From consignment to reality. What does the bag REALLY look like?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Hope everyone is doing well and in good health!
    Here is the thread I talked about making last week.
    So many of us go the preloved way for certain items and search the web upside down to find the right "finds".
    So many times we are over the moon of the condition our new to us item is in, but sometimes we are also highly disappointed. Here you can share pics of how it looked like on the big www and what it ACTUALLY looks like in reality when we open the package.
    I've aquired 4 new pieces this week. Two I am over the moon about, and two I'm considering returning. In my upper left pic frame there will be the picture from the add, and the 3 others are pictures I've taken myself. Here we go!

    First item: Speedy 30 monogram from 2006. The item was marked in GOOD condition which means there should be no broken leather etc. I got this item for £233 and although a good price, as you can see the leather definitely has damage. To keep or not to keep?
    Next one coming up!

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  2. Next item:

    Louis Vuitton Anaïs wallet in monogram canvas with leather lining. Marked in very good condition.
    Scored this one for £150. Came with box, dust bag, tag of material. I'm VERY happy with wallet. It's from 2015 and in amazing like new condition!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 no disappointment with this one! Next one coming up:smile:

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  3. Louis Vuitton Cartouchière MM Vintage monogram. In GOOD condition. The bag is out of shape unfortunately, and he offers return. To keep or return? What do you think?

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  4. Here is the last item: Agenda PM in Pomme D'amour in good condition. This item again I'm over the moon about!
    I would say it's in very good condition, and it came with box and dust bag, rulers, Louis Vuitton note inserts and stickers:smile: Definititely a keeper! Hope this post is interesting:biggrin: would love to see yours as well! Sharing is caring:smile:

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  5. The cartouchiere looks ok and that one is discontinued. I've seen worse ones on ebay. However, if you are not in love with the condition, then just return it. No point in keeping something you're not totally in love with, even if you got it at a good price.

    The first one is definitely a return item.
  6. Im in a similar position- got an alma at a good price but not fantastic in person, will post pics soon, I think the condition is putting me off mine.
  7. Looking forward to it! Post a pic of the item in the add and how it is in real life for comparison! Can't wait!:smile:
  8. Yes, I agree. The speedy is going back. And the Cartouchière I'm going to sleep on. Maybe I can stuff her and get back into shape!:smile:
  9. +1
  10. Unfortunately don't have the pic from online anymore but description said good condition, light wear! It has these weird wrinkles in the canvas!? They def weren't on the online pic!!
  11. I think I'd have a little more lenience towards a vintage piece being slightly warped, especially considering its overall condition, but the Speedy would be sent back. The market is currently flooded with pre-loved ones so there would be no need to that's in a very condition and a reasonable price will eventually show up with a little patience.
  12. OMG that Speedy is ready for the trash! :faint:
  13. The Cartouchière doesn't look too bad but the speedy seems to have seen much better days, I would return it.
  14. 100% !
  15. This is very true! Thanks for taking the time to read and for your advise!:smile:
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