From Clutches to Mommy Bags

  1. I used to love clutches for going out at night but now they dont seem practical anymore. Im about to be a new mom and am looking for bags that are roomy and will not get stained easily (doesnt have to be a diaper bag). I prefer one in black nice leather. Any suggestions?
  2. I would look at Cole Haan bags, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Longchamp, Furla, and Coach for basic black leather bags that are roomy and more affordable
  3. Congratulations! I had an all leather Coach diaper bag that I loved. The best part about it was the changing pad: it was twice the size of the normal ones! Silly reason, but makes a huge difference in public restrooms. Plus, the thing held up well enough for my second child also. And it still looks new, even in a camel color! I am not sure if they make it in leather any more, but I've seen some nylon ones that are cute.
  4. How about a Hayden Harnett Havana Hobo or a Balenciaga day bag?
  5. I would suggest one of the big LV bags in the mono canvas, because anything that gets on it you can just wipe off.
  6. Thanks thalilady! I just got a Trevi PM so I think that would work, just looking for another black bag...

    Wow, i like these Hayden Harnett bags... do you own one iluvbags?

    I havent seen the Coach leather diaper bags but will check them out, only saw the ones in monogram and wasnt so into it.
  7. My friend from NY just recommended these to me. I think I found what am looking for. Tell me what you think!
    lg_maria_bean.jpg lg_maria_brownGiraffe.jpg lg_maria_tangerine.jpg sm_alisa-tangerine.jpg