From browsing to... *big wide grin*

  1. I decided to do some window shopping today so off I went to Selfridges, Sloane Street, Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

    And while I was at Selfridges Chanel.... I saw the shoes I have been looking for (the ones I was whining about in my previous post)!! :yahoo: And in patent pink! Apparently they just arrived this morning! hehe so I bought them, wore them and carried on shopping! lol :love:

    Some pics of my acquisitions today:


  2. Very nice!!! :love: I just saw these at Chanel....but I didn't try them on :sad: .

    Are they comfortable? I was worried about the stretchy part, the black band. How do they feel on????
  3. So totally cute!!!
  4. And 2 more pics :love: :


    It was one of those unexpected good days.. :shame: unlike those days where i plan to buy a list of things A-Z and end up going home with only groceries.. :p

    Oh and at Chanel Sloane Street, I saw the cotton club mini reporter in bronzie-gold and the bowler in pearly silvery white! They were HOT! :drool:

    The price for the mini reporter was £1450 and the bowler nearly £1000 (sorry cant rem exactly).

    They also had a baby pink snakeskin east-west flap bag and a matching handphone bag with a short chain. The price for the little handphone bag
    was £460 approx.

    Sorry cound not snap any pics of them.. The SA were everywhere! :p

  5. They are REALLY REALLY comfortable!! You should go try them on then you will know what i am talking about!! hehe :yes: And you can get a pair tooo!! lol :nuts:
  6. I love those flats! You look great in them. :love:

    Off subject: What kind of jeans are those? I like them too!
  7. TDF! Love it!
  8. Thank you for your compliment! :love:

    Those jeans are from Sass & Bide :yes:
  9. those are hot!

    You're adorable and wear the shoes well!
  10. adorable ballerinas and HOT CLs!!:drool:
  11. SO CUTE! Loves the shoes!Congrats!
  12. I really love these shoes!! did they come in any othe others?
  13. it's too cute to past up! Thanks for sharing, it's a sizzing model pix!
  14. The Chanels are adorable and the Louboutins are hot! Both of them look great on you. Congrats!
  15. I love em all!!! What's the item # on those ballerina slippers anyways? I think I want a pair!