From Brown To Red To Blonde..How Long?

  1. How long should you wait between foils if you are doing a major color change? I had all over color dark auburn hair and just did a foil to lighten up so now it is an orangy long must I wait to go back and take it to the next level so it is more of a golden blonde?
  2. Hi! Well, I'm no expert but I've heard they recommend at least a month between hair colourings to avoid damaging it. Otherwise you'll end up with over-processed hair like myself, and it's not a pretty sight hehe.
    I'd love to read more opinions though. I'm just repeating what I heard before, and it could vary depending on what you're getting done. Good luck!
  3. Wow, a month seems like forever...I'm going to be doing a lot of conditioning treatments and see how my hair recovers...
  4. hey coldplaylover .. i'm a hair stylist, and i probably could have gotten you more of that golden blonde you were looking for in the first place .. you definitely don't want to have to continue to go back and lighten and lighten each time, it's far more harsh on the hair .. i would wait at least 6 weeks tho .. and continue to take real good care of your hair .. you don't want damaged looking golden hilites .. =) good luck!
  5. 6 weeks with orange hair???? Ok I'll try but I am going to use mayonnaise tonight to try and speed up the repair process!!!!
  6. Are you positive that's the right way to do it? I heard that you're supposed to do installments to get a more natural look.
  7. Each client is different and each process is different. However if your hair is orange, one of two things happened. 1) your stylist removed the foils too early or 2) you're in color lock. Sometimes when trying to remove old color it will only lift to a certain level before breaking down. This of course, depends on the integrity of your hair and the amount of color underneath it.
    I'm going to venture to say that your stylist took it off too early. Although she is right that it's best to do it as a "work in progress" and hair color is not like nail polish that you put on and take off, she unfortunately left you in about the worst spot you could want to be! She could have put a toner on it but since one of the laws of corrective color is that "The level of correction shall equal the level of the problem" it would still be darker than you would want it to be!
    While I can't comment on your hair directly without seeing it I would guess that you can go in straight away and apply the foils again. Especially if you follow a healthy regimen of professional product use at home. While applying Mayonnaise to your hair might make it feel better, it is simply a cosmetic fix that will not reconstruct your hair. You need to use a good moisturizer (Preferably a PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT!!) about twice a week for the next week or two and then you could easily have it re-highlighted. But, I don't know if I'd suggest going back to the person who left you where you are now!
    Try and find someone who specializes in corrective color or call a local distribution company ( I don't know where you're located) and ask them if they have any educational associates who are based in your city.
    I have done hair color education for over ten years and took two clients from very dark to well on their way to blonde for the summer.... today ALONE!!! It can be done!

    If you'd like you can PM me and I will be happy to help find someone in your area.
  8. I'm an impatient person but I would say to wait a month. One of the things magazine editors say frequently is that hair color is not meant to be changed as often as nail polish is, and that doing that is one of the biggest mistakes women sometimes make, because you'll see how your hair will change years later. (It'll get grey more early.) So, yes, if you're going to change your hair color like that, wait a month so you don't have orange hair. Post us a pic of your hair with your new shade too, it's prob. very pretty.
  9. Thank you so much for your posts! I'm taking into account everything everyone is saying. I am not going back to the colorist I used and am getting a consultation somewhere else on Monday. Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner has been helpful.
  10. So I got blonder today!!!!!! The colorist was able to get the orange out of my hair through a partial foil of low lights and leaving the highlights on long enough for them to change color......then a toner was on for 20 minutes and Voila, 3 hours later there was no trace of carrot orange.

  11. YIppee!!!!!! See, I told you it could be done. Now, get a good leave in conditioner with sunscreen (L'anza Leave in Protector) or even Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam if you don't like too much product to avoid sunn damage. If you HAVE to go swimming slather your hair in conditioner before getting in to fill the cortex so that the naughty ole' Chlorine can't get in and then shower immediately afterwards!!!! YEAH!!!