From Blonde to Red, what are your thoughts?

  1. After 20 years of being blonde, I took the plunge and changed my hair colour to a rich red with subtle blonde highlights. It is really bizarre how people react. At my kid's school, people did a double take, and one ' so called friend' commented on saying 'I didn't notice a change', after five people in front of her Ooohed and Aaahed. The problem is, I feel a little messy, whereas in my former blonde colour, I felt more groomed. Also, my make up and clothes don't seem to fit.My husband likes it, my kids think it is ' cool', and whenever I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I think that I have a companion with me!

    Have any of you done this dramatic change, and am I too old to do this at age 38? ( It was either going red, or piercing my nose, just bear with me on this one!)
  2. sure, I change my haircolor every few months or so...also I get extensions, fake nails, etc whenever I want to feel 'fabulous' lol.

    have fun with it - I'm sure it looks great - I am loving Jessica Simpson's blonde to redhead transformation too!
  3. Sounds cool, maybe in North London, us mummys are not so adventurous!
  4. I think u look great, change is always great. I had blonde streaks once and I have black hair. I liked it but it wasn't for me so I just stuck with red highlights for the longest time and then my black hair just turned a dark brown with light light highlights. This is my natural hair growing back now. Then I did a drastic jet black boy oh boy did I get some double takes. It's always good to have change and if u don't like it later u could always going back to blonde and then pierce ur nose then, :amuse:
  5. Thank you. I will have to live with it to see, and my colourist has banned any contact with her for 7 days! It's bizarre how different a colour can make you look though!
  6. I bet you look great, and no, you aren't too old (what ever that means!:amuse:)

    How about pics?

  7. i like to drastically change my hair color every few months too.......i feel like a new hair color gives you a new personality :graucho: but you do need to adapt your wardrobe depending how drastic the change is....i naturally have dark hair but i love going red it's soso much fun and i feel like red hair is universally flattering, as long as it's the right shade :yes:
  8. My hairdressor is always changing my hair color and she can get a little wild/likes to try drastic things out. Anyway, she just recently colored my hair red with darker reddish/brown streaks in it. At first, I was not used to the red and did not know if i liked it, but after a couple days when I got used to it, it really grew on me.

    Give it a day or two, and I bet you will like it
  9. How do I post pics up here, and will have to do it on Friday after a trip to hairdresser as it looks too frizzy from London weather. I will post a blonde pic, and a red pic!
  10. Cool! Can't wait to see!

  11. I love CHANGE! Its good to change things up, instead of geting stuck in the same thing. I'm sure your hair looks awesome!
  12. you're never too old for a big change!! congratulations!

    everytime i drastically change my hair color, i have to buy new makeup and re-evaluate my wardrobe. brunette, blonde, red and different combos of highlights all bring out different undertones in my skin that work differently with different colors. it's really important that you change your makeup and such with your hair, otherwise you might end up looking kind is that the word i want? not bad...but that could very well be the reason you're feeling less groomed. :smile:

    i bet you look FABULOUS!! bravo on bravery! :smile:
  13. After having lived my entire life as a blond ( in varying shades) I also went red, at about age 38. I even attended my 20 yr high school reunion as a red head. It was really funny because an old friend of mine I hadnt seen in 15 yrs attended as a blond and she had always had the most beautiful strawberry blond/red color. We both thought it was hysterical.
    I have since returned to blond but I enjoyed my time as a red head. Its only hair!
  14. I change my color like every 6 months. When I am red my hair has trouble holding on to it's vibrancy so I know it won't look the same after a few weeks no matter what shampoo I use.
  15. I think it's great to change things up every now and then. I've had my hair every length and color at one time or another. It keeps things from getting boring! Enjoy being a redhead!