From Baywatch To Babywatch !!

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    The happy couple are expecting their first baby, a girl. This will be Burke's third child. The foxy brunette has two daughters, Neriah, 6, and Sierra, 4, with former husband Dr. Garth Fisher of "Extreme Makeover."
    The "Rock Star: Supernova" host and her fiancé David got romantic as he kissed her belly while spending time on a Malibu beach Friday enjoying the sunset :love:
  2. damn she looks amazing for being pregnant.
  3. I never knew she had children! Wow... she is looking gorgeous! Congrats to the happy couple!
  4. She is so gorgeous! They are going to have an incredible looking child!
  5. Her tummy looks so cute!
  6. Wow, she looks really pretty!!!!!1 I agree with Nola, her tummy looks sooo cute! He is very hot!
  7. wow.. wht a hot pic is that second one.. and he looks great!!

    i hope i look that good when im pregenant
  8. Some women just have it!
  9. Yup! Wow, she's stunning when pregnant!
  10. Wow! Her belly is so cute! And she just looks gorgeous.
  11. Damn, her belly still looks muscular?!?!
  12. OMG! is he wearing ugg boots?? guys wear ugg KNEE LENGTH boots? i never knew.... i would have to slap my DH silly if i caught him wearing ugg boots with cargo shorts to the beach!

    yes, she is gorgeous prego!
  13. What a handsome couple! And no stretchmarks! *envious*
  14. I know right!!! :nuts: Her body rocks! The pic where he's kissing her tummy is so cute!
  15. wow, she is pretty.... and still somewhat sexy though she is preggy..