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  1. HelllOOO. So my bf bought me the Rouge work for my birthday, he said he didnt think it was worth it to pay extra to overnight it so i think he just paid for standard ground. For you grls that have ordered from BALNY, how many days did you wait to get your bags??? BTW, im in CA.

  2. Hi! Im in Ca. also. The last 2 times it took about 5 days for my Bbags to arrive.
  3. oooo, congrats weibaobai! your new Rouge Work is gonna be gorgeous!! what a sweet BF you have!!
  4. yep, about 4-5 days to get to me last time (I'm in SF)
  5. very excited :smile:
  6. i love overnighting my bags... it's so worth it! i go nuts waiting for them.:nuts:
  7. yea im a bit ansy....*must learn to be patient...tap tap tap*
  8. im in san diego and it took 5 days
  9. 5 BUSINESS DAYS??? 5 days after the day you ordered it?? haha. Sorry, im just so darn impatient :smile:
  10. 0o0o00o NEW B-bag!!! very exciting!!!
  11. Congrats on your rouge Work!!! Your bf is so sweet. Lol, I bet now he knows better though about getting a girl what she wants FAST! And Happy Birthday, sweetie!!
  12. Congrats! What an amazing BF!
  13. Can't WAIT to see your beautiful new bag!
  14. congrats!!! im getting mine too~~~~~

  15. OOOH we should start a rouge work club. haha. OMG im so obsessive!
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