From Bags To Riches Semi-Annual Sale

  1. are those bags used?
  2. yup, looks like it's a designer handbag rental club.
  3. the link for the semi-annual sale is not working. Or maybe their website is down at this time.
  4. The sale is of past inventory of the From Bags to Riches website: That said, many of the bags have never been used and are in new condition. There is a scoring system provided that ranks the condition of the bag 1-10 (10 = new) and outlines any damage.

    I hope that helps!
  5. link & website don't seem to be working? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  6. I'm having problems getting access to the Semi Anual Sale link on the web page......maybe there are to many people logged on???
  7. still doesn't work...
  8. Ack, I got on briefly, but then the site went down again!:cursing::tdown::shrugs:
  9. I got on...saw all the bags. They have 2 balenciaga bags, one metallic bronze first motorcycle bag for $845 (about $150 off) and a burgundy one for $895 (about $99 off). They also have some LV, a chloe or two, lots of cole haan, coach and other brands.
  10. it works now should try it. But they don't have that many selection
  11. That's strange.. I'm browsing it fine. No lags at all...
  12. Is this website even legit?
  13. It is working now.
  14. I don't think these bags are legit
    What do others think?