From Bags to Riches Handbag Sale!

  1. I guess they are ..
  2. Wow, they are really cheap :wtf: Are they all used, is that why??
  3. Hmmm, it looks like they're so cheap b/c you rent them! Maybe that is the cost per month?
  4. I don't think the prices are "Really Cheap"
    Make sure you are reading the black line NOT the RED line. I saw that first too since it pops out in Red. The red line is just the SAVINGS not the sale price.

    They are obviously discounted because they were used in their rental program (I am assuming).

  5. The membership for the rental is $15.95 / month.
    I didn't read all the fine details but that was highlighted
  6. I think they rent them or some of them??
  7. You are right.. oops :shame:
  8. ha ha tw1n, I did the same thing! oops!