From bag to clutch

  1. I have a few events lately and feel like im constantly switching from my wallet and big bag into a clutch

    How do u make this as quick as possible?
  2. I have alot of clutches from various designers, but I also prefer Totes. Go figure. So I've been using my clutches as my wallet. I no longer carry every shopping discount card, burke williams membership card, gym card, etc in my clutch. Instead, I keep those in a separate pouch in my tote for when I need them. If you are going anywhere generally where a Clutch is appropriate, then you likely don't need all those extra cards. In my clutch I have a skinny wallet (I use a Coach - I know shame on me for mixing designers:p - but they do have the cutest 'skinny wallets'. In there, I keep my Drivers license, one credit card or debit card, a few cash bills (maybe 2x $20s), insurance card, and believe it or not, my CVS discount card. I don't know why I always find myself at a CVS. ANyway, I also just include in my clutch the other small basics - lipstick, small mirror or powder compact w/mirror, mints, small travel cologne. My sister does the same thing, but she byes all these small travel size things that she puts in her clutches. SO, when we are at work, we just grab the clutch from out of our HUGE work totes, and off we go saving our shoulders a little less pain. One thing about the LV clutches, you could use them to go out for cocktails. Or if you have a more casual one, you can easily switch them out. I believe the time consuming part is figuring out what you can/can not fit into a clutch. So moving from one casual day clutch to a more evening clutch should be relatively quick. It's moving from the big bags to a smaller one that is tough - but I use those kangaroo pouch inserts for downsizing from my huge totes to midsize shoulder bags. Yes, I switch bags every day. It drives my husband crazy:p

    Hope this helps atleast trigger some ideas for you.
  3. Maybe get a wallet that doubles as a clutch?:graucho:
  4. I really like my Fumo wristlet from AW for this but would like a more professional option too. Was thinking maybe Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet? IPhone must fit.
  5. I often carry a clutch in the evenings. I make it as quick as possible by grabbing things out of my purse and wallet as quickly as I can, and tossing them in the clutch with no attempt at organization. I wish I was kidding. I end up with loose cash, ID, credit card, lipstick and mirror rattling around in my clutch. If I'm lucky I remember my reading glasses and mini coin purse.
  6. i don't really carry wallet, i am disorganized like that, and i don;t have a lot of membership cards too. so i only have atm, id and cc. and my cash are scattered in the inner pocket of my bags with the cards. so if i have to do quick switch i just have to grab my cards, some cash. ciggie, lighter, phone and key and that's it. i can do it in 1 min
  7. I have a few clutches and have been wanting to use them more. I love big bags, but i'm starting to clutches now. I've been trying to use them on casual fridays at work and not just for weddings or girls night out. I always carry a work tote so I would not need to load it up to much. Like another poster mentioned I use a coach mini skinny for cards. I have a few of those and use a separate one for medical cards. I use key ring app on phone for memebership cards so don't have to carry them around.
  8. Although I am not a big fan of Coach generally, I love their zippy wallets. I use mine in my bag as a wallet but also by itself as a wristlet for quick errands or going out.
  9. If I want to make a quick switch I grab cash, credit card, id, mirror, lipstick, phone, and keys. All my stuff is scattered.