From Bad to Worse...

  1. This is really kind of a work story but hang in there w/ me....Coach appears in the story! hahahaha

    We are very short handed at our office right now.... we have a ton of work and need people badly. We have several ads running and quite a few interviews set up for this week.

    My cube happens to be close to the reception area and I can hear when people come in and out..... Our receptionist spends a lot of time playing "runner" as well (bless her soul) and there are times when I'll hear someone come in and I know she's gone so I peek around the corner to make sure it's not someone who needs assistance.

    Today a very lovely young lady stepped in and I said, "Can I help you?"

    She said, "Yes. I have an interview at 10:30 but I can't remember the name of the man I'm supposed to see."

    Needless to say in my head I made this face: :wtf:

    Instead I said, "Well, what position are you looking for?"

    So blah blah blah I get her figured out and hand her a clip board w/ an application and ask her to have a seat in the foyer. She grins and flips her hair and turns and there...on her THE WORST FAKE CARLY I'VE EVER SEEN. The "C"s were wrong...the strap was was just WRONG.

    Needless to say in my head I made this face :yucky: .... instead I kept my mouth shut.

    But ummm yeah....when you go to a job interview do you at least make an attempt to remember who you are going to see???? I was floored.

    Since I'm the only one in the office who cares if the bag is real or fake I just had to share w/ people who DO CARE if a Carly is real or a horrid imposter. I don't judge her, however...she probably wanted to look great and didn't think anyone would notice the fake bag.

    I hope like crazy they don't hire her. I know I may sound kinda mean but COME ON.. .... rule #1 of trying to find work ...remember the name of the person who you wants to see you!
  2. That is too funny, love the story!!! :roflmfao:
  3. Well, I work in HR, and I have to say that this happens all the time! We have several recruiters and it's amazing to think that someone comes in to an interview and plans to make a good impression by forgetting the interviewers name! And then wears fake Coach too! E-gads! I do have to mention that another mistake that people make is to be mean to the receptionist. I'll tell you, to me that 's one of the best gauges to show how someone is going to treat others in the workplace. But yech...the fake Coach....I'd have to pass on hiring her!
  4. I too work in the front office and people come in all the time for applications or interviews. Some people are so darn rude. And I usually have a lot to do with hiring. If they only knew! Oh and another big no no for seeking employeement is bringing your children or other family members in with you. Its just plain tacky.
  5. omg that story was funny I wouldn't hire anyone one with a fake bag that's just shws they are dishonest and might be hiding something!give them the pink slip before they even start lol !
  6. How can she not know who she is interviewing with? I would throw her out right there.
    And who would be stupid enough to bring family members on an interview? I cant believe it
  7. Lol!

    Funny story!

    I also find it pretty rude to not even know the name of person you need to be seeing for an interview.. and the fake coach! Ugh!
  8. It is funny, but in her defense (gasp!) she may have been nervous or flustered and totally blanked out the name, imagine how hard it was for her to admit it! And as far as the fake bag, it's tacky but there are some people that don't know any better and aren't aware of what is real/fake.. obviously she is secure enough in herself so that is what counts. Sorry, I kind of feel bad for her being bashed so bad for such a lame thing. :rolleyes:
  9. Um OMG do people actually do that??
  10. lol! also as an HR Coordinator, I can say, people always remember who u r meeting!
  11. I agree with you, who's to say that she couldn't afford a real one?

  12. I agree. If I'm nervous or flustered I'm guaranteed to forget or mess up some kind of way so I can give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. And I'm beginning to be indifferent on people carrying fakes. Some don't know do but don't care.....if they're happy, I'm happy....I'll just give them the :yucky: face in my head and move on......