From a Newbie to all of the Knowledgeable Ladies...

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  1. Hello all!

    (I'm not sure where this would go or if there is any thread that is already started like this), but ....I def think this needed to be said. To the mods, the older (not in age because we all know a lady does not admit her weight nor age right ladies?) more seasoned TPF'ers, the older newers, the newbies who are incredibly knowledgeable, the newbies who joined today, etc...pretty much to every lady (and even our men members)

    I want to say thank you. Thank you for posting great deals. Thank you for letting me share my collection. Thank you for posting your gorgeous collections. And, thank you for letting me truely get to share in a love with you ladies who understand the addiction. Since I've joined this forum not only has my collection personally expanded but I have gained a vast knowledge of how shoes are suppossed to fit and CLs specifically. I would not have known the beginning of anything had it not been for you guys! So, I thank you all.
  2. I completely agree, I feel the same way mrl. Good thread and thank you ladies! It's wonderful to find a spot where your love/obsession is shared and understood by many (and enabled :graucho:).
  3. That was so very thoughtful of you!!:hugs::hugs:
  4. I agree! I have learned so much from these ladies. Thank you!
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    It's only the truth!! :hugs: Granted, my wallet is :tdown::crybaby::cry::sad::pout::nono::lecture::mad::rant::censor::cursing::Pullhair: because its lonely with no new members or cash in it, but I never carried cash anyway! :P
  6. I agree, I learned A Lot!:smile:
  7. Amen! I couldn't agree more
  8. I completely agree with this ! Don´t know what I would do without this forum :smile: you gals are legen.........wait for it......dary !

  9. (Quote from such a great show!!) Even though he will always be Child Dr. in my eyes.
  10. That was very nice of you mrl!
  11. Only the truth wanna!!
  12. it feels weird to no longer be a newbie
  13. When does that status go away?

  14. lol I have no idea. It's just bc mrl told me i was a seasoned member in another thread...i guess seasoned like chicken:roflmfao:
  15. ^^ Totally.

    This was such a sweet post...