? from a newbie...please help

  1. I would really like a dark white lambskin classic flap and I know there is one available now with silver hardware. However, i really want gold hardware :crybaby:

    Dark white is one of the colors for S/S 2008 so an option would be to wait until next year.

    My question is does Chanel produce all colors in both caviar and lambskin and with a choice of hardware or is it pretty much that some colors come in caviar, others in lambskin and the hardware is fixed? In other words am I likely to get my dream lambskin with gold hardware? Hope this makes sense - thanks
  2. hi - does anyone know the answer to my question - are certain colours restrcited to specific leathers and hardware?
  3. No, I don't think so. In every season, there are some colors on caviar/lambskin with either gold/silver. No one knows for sure what will be released until trunk show or looking at lookbook of new season or calling 800 number.