From $11.99 - $1199.00 My Odd Collection

  1. I love things that contain... therefore, I am not discriminating when it comes to purses... I just enjoy them! Although, if I had the resources to acquire more - I'll definitely have more... but bills get in the way :smile:

    I thought I was the only insane person who enjoys purses... wrong!!! You people are as equally insane if not more... :smile:

    Just want to share and or maybe just want to adore my purses as well ...
  2. Cute collection :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
  3. very nice collection! thanks for sharing!
  4. nice! what is that clear bag at the bottom? its really cute!
  5. that clear bag reminds me of the Chanel Naked bag !!!
  6. i LOVE the big red one, the one thats kind of like a giant coin purse? where is it from?
  7. Great collection! :biggrin:
  8. Gotta love that pruse wall!

  9. Cool! Thanks for sharing! ;)
  10. wow! i love how u have ur purses set up!!! thats so cool!
  11. Love your variety and your display. Just wondering, how do you keep the bars on the display from making indentations in your bags, especially the heavier bags?
  12. Love the variety!!:yes:
  13. Thank you.

    The clear purse is actually a Tous purse. (Rosa Tous a Spanish jewelry designer...)

    All these purses actually sleep in their very own dustbags... even my "cheapy" ones! :smile: Obviously, the cheapy ones did not come with dustbags but I have given them pillowcases as dustbags! I equally love them all!

    Shopafrolic, the big red one - that was the same thought I had when I saw it - a giant coinpurse! :smile: anyway, that was from Nordstrom @ the Glendale Galleria mall.

    Thanks again for all the kind words!
  14. nice collection. thanks for sharing.
  15. :love: the red one from Nordstrom :heart:

    Great collection :yes:

    Glad to see someone else on here that loves low >>>> high!