FrogBubbles' leetle collection

  1. Well, it's not very expensive or very big, but this is it.


    Original stellina
    Foresta ciao ciao
    Inferno canguro
    Black cammo angioletto
    Citta denaro
    Pirata buon viaggio
    Spiaggia bambinone

    Other bags:

    Cole Haan -- I looove this bag, but it's basically useless for me since it's a handbag. I need to sell it. :sad:
    Calvin Klein -- so cute, and it was only $40!
    Coach pouch -- also not that useful, but it was a present
    Coach small Soho -- just got it, and was only $105! Hee

    And I just got rid of my Michael Kors tote, because the quality sucks and it was falling apart. :cursing:
    toki.JPG other bags.JPG
  2. So cute- very nice collection!
  3. I love Tokidoki! Cute Foresta!
  4. Cute collection- love the color of the Cole Haan!
  5. Cute!
  6. nice collection
  7. I love your tokidoki collection! :nuts: Thank you for sharing with us! :heart:
  8. Cute collection!
  9. Nothing can light up my day like a pic of cute Tokidokis! Thanks
  10. nice
  11. Nice collection :smile: