Frog Lanyard..PICS!

  1. Here's pics of the new frog lanyard and key fob. They were $38 each. I am not sure about the lanyard. The key fob is definitely a keeper, but the lanyard might have to go back. Just not sure it is a $38 keeper....'s the pics!
    IMG_0838.jpg IMG_0839.jpg
  2. I LOVE the lanyard!!! I have to get one of these! I thought the keyfob was cute but im in love with the lanyard!
  3. AAAAHHH! Too cute! Must have it!
  4. ok, now THAT is adorable. dangit! one more thing for me to want!
  5. Oh no...I think y'all might be convincing me to keep it....I might just have to put that little frog on my phone....:graucho:
  6. i don't know about the lanyard... it's not as cute as the keyfob.
  7. they are both cute!!
  8. Ahhh they're so cute!!
  9. The Lanyard doesn't look like Mr. Squish Squish though.
  10. The lanyard is cute but i love the key fob. sooo adorable.
  11. I really like the Lanyard. It looks a little less "cartoony" than the keyfob, which I actually like. I think they go together really nicely though and I'd keep them together. How could you possibly seperate those two?
  12. Very cute!
  13. i dont think the lanyard is as cute as the keyfob!!
  14. okay I need both of those :p
  15. I like the key fob better. I was picturing a mini Mr. Squish! LOL! A baby squishie!