Frog in shoe

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  1. Yesterday afternoon, i was about to put on my work shoes when i discovered a frog in my shoe!!!! oh course i screamed like a little girl and even jumped on top of a chair. my sister ran out and just started laughing. -__- Well, i ended up wearing another pair of do frogs carry diseases?? i really hope not, since i have to wear those shoes on saturday......
  2. LOL! I don't think they carry diseases that you can get through skin contact... but I would just wipe down the shoe with an anti bacterial wipe or something!

    I would have screamed too!
  3. Awwww, I love frogs! I used to catch them from a pond near my house when I was a kid! I agree that an antibacterial wipe would work, assuming you don't live in the amazon rainforest, lol... It's probably just a common frog, they don't give you warts, you should be fine.
    I think I'd have only screamed out of fear that I stepped on him!
  4. that's pretty interesting.. i wonder how the frog got in your shoe! what did you do with the little guy?
  5. i left my shoes i just let the little guy hop away
  6. ^Aww how nice of you! :smile:

    Just to be on the safe side, maybe rub an antibacterial wipe wherever the frog touched your shoe?
  7. Reptiles can carry salmonella, which can be transmitted to people. You should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water when coming in contact with them or their feces. I would wipe the inside of the shoe with Lysol. We have lots of frogs where I live and I have to admit that I've picked up some tiny ones once in a while because they are so cute!!
  8. I love frogs as well! I have a pond and the neighborhood kids would always catch tadpoles and we would keep them in an aquarium on the porch and watch them grow into frogs. It was way cool!
  9. frogs are amphibians but yes, they can carry salmonella... which can lead to food poisoning if you touch a frog and then eat without washing your hands. a lot of things carry salmonella... which is why everyone should always wash their hands before they eat :smile:
  10. I picture the frog going home & hearing "OMG, you were in a shoe! You know people feet are really funky & you can get diseases! Go down to the pond & scrub really well with a lily leaf."

    I LOVE frogs, have had them as pets. Had two that I got right after 9/11/01 & they just died in January. Over 6 years old!

  11. That is too funny!

  12. That is so funny :lol:
  13. I would have been freaking out too! Frogs creep me out....bleh! Once there was a freaking gecko out of all things on my bed back home at my parents house...I could not sleep in my bed for weeks. Just the thought it was on my bed was gross! I never knew what happened to it, lol.....