Frizzy hair... i need help!!!

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  1. I need some serious help! I have to wake up at 6 every morning to get to work by 9 because it freakin takes me 2 hours to get ready DAILY. And I dont have a crazy makeup regime or anything, its my damn hair!!!! I easily spend about an hour on it.

    I shower and wash my hair each morning, and no joke, it takes me at least 20-25 minutes to completely dry my hair. By the time its done, I look like a shaggy dog. I have hair about three inches past my shoulders cut into layers and it just looks so crunchy and dry and horrible! After that I have to tame it by straightening, which again takes about 20-25 minutes. All this heat on a daily basis cannot be good for my hair, and the field I work in (makeup!) just cant have me going to work looking like i set a birds nest atop my head.

    Anyone have some good tips on how to get my silky smooth hair of yesteryear back? I dont know what happened but my hair was never this bad before =(

    How do you blow dry hair? I just dont get it. Mine never looks good and id rather do that then to straighten!
  2. Can you shampoo at night, dry it most of the way and run an iron over it in the am?
    A Brazilian Blowout could make a HUGE difference too.
    Also, can you not pull it up every other day to give it a break?
  3. I wish I could wash the night before but that would mean my hair goes oily and flat mid-day, and that just makes me feel so blech! I did that once before, washing at 9 pm and going to bed, but the next day around 4 I looked like i hadnt washed my hair in days, it looks THAT BAD! :sad:

    I usually put my hair half up like twice a week but even for that, I have to have it at least half straightened so its not so frizzy and bushy looking. I have a lot of hair, and when its all puffed up and shaggy, it is A HORRID LOOK!

    I have to look into this brazilian blowout- is it like a semi-perm blowout??? That sounds amazing!
  4. There's a HUGE thread about it :yes:
  5. I have very frizzy hair as well. I decided a few weeks ago that all of the daily heat was hurting my hair too much so I am now rocking my curls/waves. I actually like it SO much better, now that I think about it, and I spend less than 10 minutes on my hair each morning, just using some volumizing mousse and a touch of gel and then diffusing it dry. I even tried going every other day washing and straightening and it just always looked greasy, so I had no choice but to wash every day. Would you ever consider going back to a more natural style for you? It might take a few weeks to get used to it, and for your hair to look a bit healthier, but with some good control products you might be surprised as to how good it can look in a short amount of prep time each morning.
  6. Brazillian Blowout will definitely cut down your styling time and make your hair smooth. I used to blow dry and use a straigtening iron on my hair every day too and now since I've had the BB I just blow dry for 15 minutes and I'm done (might take you a little longer if your hair is thicker than me). It's amazing. BB can be expensive but if you take into account all the styling time it saves you it is SOOOOO worth it.
  7. Try the Japanese Ionic Straightening. It takes 4 hours for the perm but it's totally worth it! You just have to blow dry your hair (you don't even need to use a brush if you hair is not too long) and viola, you have straight hair by the time u get out of your house!
  8. Why not embrace your natural hair? I fought my waves and curls for years (and damaged it significantly) before accepting its natural texture. If you want to learn about your hair, its properties, you might find it easier to work with it rather than battling with it everyday.
    I used to spend 3 hours a few times a week drying and straightening my hair, now i can get it set and done in about 20-30 minutes! What a time saver!
    scroll down about half way to learn your hair properties. The entire site is very educational and interesting, too!

  9. Yep, that's just what I was thinking too. Makes life so much easier! :P
  10. I used to have frizzy hair and tried to cut down using straightening iron. I think that's where my hair became so frizzy in the first place. Now, just a regular hair cut and treatment I achieved the texture I like for my hair.
  11. I have hair that takes a while to do (not that long) and I have to do it every day in the morning as well or I feel greasy.

    I use biolage ultra hydrating shampoo and tons of conditinoing blam by the same name. I leave it on the whole time I'm in teh shower then rinse at the end and that helps TREMENDOUSLY. I then dry my hair 90% of the way, put in this stuff called ARCTX Texture Hot Iron Styling Cream or something like taht, if you are interested I can go look at the name, and then finish drying and straighten. The Texture cream helps a ton.
  12. Have you gotten a trim recently? A trim can do wonders in removing split course ends. Also, I recommend Moroccon Oil conditioner. It is a non oily cream which you leave in for 15 minutes after you shampoo and rinse out. If, while drying, your hair feels dry still, take a half dime size amount rub it into your hands and just scrunch the ends of your hair and then run it through your hair while scrunching your hair. Let your hair naturally dry and see how it looks. It should eliminate about 65% of the frizz! (Of course, try this on the weekend first!!)
  13. japanese ionic straightening did wonders for me!
  14. using a hair dryer is scary on my hair and takes forever too. i just put some gel or mousse in my hair, do a quick towel dry and leave it. it air drys the rest of the way and no frizz.