Frivole btf pave ring vs 1st birkin

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  1. Hi all,

    I am torn between getting either a Frivole between the finger ring in wg pave or my first birkin bag.

    I will purchase the birkin through a trusted reseller so the price is very high but it has everything that I wish for in a Birkin. It is size 30, black color novillo leather (my first pref box calf leather is nowhere to be found in b30) with palladium hardware..

    Should I get the birkin because it is harder to come by (but is sold at a very very high mark up) or should I get the Frivole btf ring in pave instead and then one day try my luck at FSH (although maybe i wont be able to get the exact leather)

    Pls help me to choose
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  2. That is a tough choice. What will you wear more? If you have nice jewelry already and can wait to get the ring, I would get the birkin as it is difficult to get the right specs sometimes. That said, I would not pay too high a markup for a birkin as you can almost always find a black via reseller. Good luck...great choice to have to make.
  3. @hopiko
    Thanks for your feedback. Currently I am only wearing my eRing and wedding band. I don't wear any other accessories except my rolex sometimes. I don't like wearing bangles/ bracelets or necklace. But I am planning to wear the frivole btf ring everyday as much as possible.. because it is so pretty

    like you said thogh, Birkin is harder to come by so I feel like I should get it first.. and I like smooth more shiny leather like box calf, swift and novillo. So far I have not seen any black Birkin 30 with phw in any of those spec except this one bag which is currently sold at USD 17.600.
    Do you think its price is OK and hence I should get it first or is the spec that I am looking for is quite easy to find at a cheaper price?
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  4. This is a tough choice. If you can afford it and will be happy with either choice, go with your heart!

    If you choose the birkin, do try to negotiate!

    Good luck deciding!
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  5. I would buy the Birkin.
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  6. I am going through almost the same predicament except with different specs for the birkin-but to Hopikos point - I would use the ring initially more but I would regret missing out on the birkin in the long run. Good luck!
  7. Birkin cause it’s hard to find.
  8. My thoughts:

    While I truly believe the Birkin will be more functional and therefore, all things being equal, a better idea, the question a 40% (roughly) premium really worth it to you to get the Birkin first? I’m not sure exactly how rare Novillo leather is...

    Personally I think the USD$17000 is much too much to pay for a 30cm B in a non-exotic leather. I was able to snag an ostrich one at an Hermes in Europe for quite a bit less than that 2 years ago, so it can be done. The savings in not paying the upcharge from a reseller would pay for a round-trip flight to Europe and you could visit various stores to see what was available. The key is to establish a friendly relationship with an SA (it can be done, in one visit, without making them feel like the only reason you are there is to score a Birkin).

    If you can afford it and the upcharge over retail is worth the price of having the Birkin first, then go that route. But bags DO wear out, one can grow tired of it, and recovering a decent portion of your $$ in this case will be impossible should you ever decide to resell. If you are prudent with the Birkin purchase and find it at a lower price (or negotiate it down a LOT), you are in a better position to own both down the road.

    Just some thoughts to add to the mix as you are weighing the options....
  9. I would never overpay for a bag. Your VCA will go up (there's always price increases) whereas you may be able to find the Hermes Birkin at the store or place a special order at a "reasonable" price. My preference is always jewelry first; I will have it for the rest of my life, whereas bags wear out, and not worth the premium.
    Did you stop to think that what would pay over retail might pay for a trip to Paris where you might be able to find your dream bag?
  10. Thanks everyone for the input.

    My husband is suggesting me to just get the bag first because it ticks all my boxes and the ring will always be there. But I am currently asking advices at the hermes forum for the possibility of scoring my dream bag either in Paris or if it is an easy spec, it should appear soon at other resellers too.

    Does anyone know if there would be price changes to the frivole btf with pave in wg? I heard the price used to be higher in the past, would it be likely for the price to go up or down?
  11. 1) VCA discontinues items so don't assume the ring will always be there.
    2) Occasionally VCA goes down--this has been done to equalize prices across market-places. Usually it goes up; generally once a year. One year it went up three times. In short, it is more likely to go up rather than down.
    3) Bottom-line: what ticks your boxes?
  12. Well said!
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  13. Thanks for your input @Happyish

    I am planning to go to the US in May so I was planning to get the VCA frivole btf ring then (because it's cheaper than getting it in Asia).

    Oh 1 more question, would you suggest to wear the btf ring on the ring finger or middle finger? I personally like it better at my ring finger but the SA thought it should be at the middle finger. Any thoughts?

    3. What tick my boxes for a birkin?
    - size 30
    - black in smooth leather (box calf/ swift or novillo)
    - palladium hardware

    I am quite particular about the leather as I have seen the black Togo and black Epsom but i just did not feel it. I like gold togo but somehow not in black..
    i just prefer a black birkin with sheen and a more smooth/ supple leather
  14. I think you might like box calf . . . it's beautiful and you may find a vintage one that's exactly what you're looking for.
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  15. I would try to develop a relationship with an SA who can help you get your dream birkin. Also may want to consider other leather options. I think the price from the reseller is too high. I debated between a Socrate ring and a birkin and ended up going with the instant gratification of the ring. I am happy I have it but I still want a birkin :smile:.
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