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  1. i can't decide what bag to get. I m only 5"2 which is pretty short and i don't want to buy the bag and regret in the future. any suggestions what to get for a 17 year old? I want something that is medium not too large able to put a magazine inside. I heard the zips are bad, tote?
  2. Since you're saying you want to be able to put a magazine in it I would say any type of a tote. Plus, IMO I would say a tote is more timeless and not trendy at all. Good luck on your first Gucci and make sure to post some modeling pics!
  3. I'm 4'11 and always seem to gravitate towards totes or bostons. Have you been to boutique? I'd try on a bunch of bags and see what feels and looks right on you. The Sukey is very popular but the large was way too huge on me - so I'd go for the medium. Not sure if you can fit a mag in there or not tho.
  4. I agree. the bostons are great. You should be able to put a magazine in the larger one.