Fringed Speedy or Fringed Bucket?

  1. I am trying to decide between the LV fringed speedy or fringed bucket. I also can't decide between white or black. I think that the white looks better in the bucket and the black in the speedy.
  2. Unless you are a super VIP, you better take what you can get. I am a regular VIP and put down for a white speedy. I got the call from my SA and she offered me a black one and kindly suggested I take it as production was ceasing due to the time consumption of making these bags. She wasn't sure if anymore were coming, they had there alotment of pieces. I trust her, so I took the black, and am still down for anything white, should it come in. Which she assures me probably won't happen. I have seen both styles, they are both fab! I love that you get the little pochette with the bucket, but the speedy is a much more functional style for me, with the closure and I prefer arm bags. GOOD LVCK and let us know what you get!!!
  3. WHITE BUCKET!!!:love:
  5. Thank you LVAddict for the info. I didn't realize that the bags are so limited. I will take what I can (hopefully get)!
  6. The SF boutique pulled out a white bucket and speedy for me to say when I was there on Saturday morning so if you're having trouble looking for one, call them and ask if it's been bought.
  7. i would love to have the white speedy!!
  8. White bucket. I think it looks a lot more attractive than the Speedy
  9. Somehow, I don't think these bags would be flying off the shelves the way they're priced!:oh: Are they limited and numbered (like the Eye line)?:hrmm:
  10. The fringed ones are rare, not numbered like our eyes, but limited like the cerises with the lizard trim were.
  11. Speedy, Speedy, Speedy!

    Mh, colour? Both are cute, but:

    Speedy, Speedy, Speedy! :lol:
  12. I would love to see how these look IRL
  13. If you get one, I may just buy it off you a few months later!!!:lol:
  14. Neither, really, but I'd say the black bucket if anything cause it has the pouchette.
  15. FYI, Canadian ladies, if you are interested, I spoke to my SA @ the Toronto store this afternoon (her name is Junko) and she told me they have one bucket in stock as of today at the store on Bloor Street.:biggrin:
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