Fringed Scarves

  1. Anyone have the Silk Fringed Scarf?

    it looks really nice but I'd love to know if anyone has it in person, if it comes in different print/ colourways, and if you own it, please post a photo to show off how you wear it!:heart:
  2. I think Cal has that one, Croissant....... :confused1:

    It sure is gorgeous!
  3. I tried one on in the store. They are quite long and I think the fringes are a bit "much" - to me anyway. They seemed too long and busy. It was a beautifully made scarf tho and as much as I admire the look, it just didn't work on me.
  4. Saw them in NYC -- LOOOOVE the fringe!!!
  5. Love them, but they don't look good on me. Cal does have one, and it looks great. It's in the thread where she got her black Birkin.
  6. Excuse my head, I think I was talking when picture was taken:


    I love this scarf!
  7. Cal, thank you so much. it looks beautiful on you!! i would be interested to know if it came in other colourways. i love the fact that its different from traditional scarves but still distinctly Hermes. it's less conventional. i really hope they expand on this collection.
    & ps beautiful bag and background :smile:
  8. Cal ~ You Are So Beautiful....You Are Just A Picture Of Elegance In Every Way!:heart:

    & The Fringed Scarf Is Pretty Gorgeous, Too!;)
  9. I would :heart: one in red colorway! Still looking... love it on you CAL!
  10. Thanks Ladies. I really love it, haven't worn it much lately as the weather's really bizzaro over here.

    When I bought this they also had a plain white scarf with orangey-red hems and the Belle Mexique fringe, was really stunning. They also had a similar one in orange and I believe that the Carriage one (like I've got) also came in orange. This was all a couple of months ago and I didn't see them today in store - didn't rummage though all those drawers though.

    BTW - played with the whips today - ROWR!