FRINGE Tote vs Patchwork Deerskin Bowler

  1. Ok Girls, I know fringe isn't on most of your favorite lists! LOL, but I have these two bags and would like your opinions. Yes, they were both on sale 40 - 60%.
    DSC05785.JPG DSC05788.JPG
  2. these are on sale?? how much are the now?
    some months ago i saw the price of the patchwork was over 2000 euro.
    for me the second one would be worth the money.
  3. Patchwork no contest for me :smile: Was never a fan of the fringe, despite the beautiful detailing!
  4. Patchwork! Nice haul! :nuts:
  5. patchwork!
  6. Thanks everyone - patchwork is in the lead!
  7. the first one (patchwork) is TDF!!!! i saw it in the display window of the PRADA in my area and i drooolled over it!! it's GORGEOUS!! congrats!! how much did you get it for!!! if only it's on sale at my PRADA ):
  8. Shoot! I like both...but if I HAD to choose lol I'd pick the deerskin!!!
  9. No surprise from me, I like the fringe. I think the patchwork is really odd -- all the parts of it fight each other: patches don't match the shape, fringe is thin -- the bag just doesn't make sense to me at all.
  10. patchwork..without fringe
  11. patchwork!
  12. Thanks All!
    LOL Jill -- I know fringe be Gone!
    I'm torn Jenskar - being a fan of the 70's - (hippy parents- LOL) I love patchwork & fringe.
    Oh, decisions - decisions!

  13. Two dittos here! :tup:
  14. I'm used to being in the fringe minority here. They had that large tote in the cream white today at Prada (behind glass, smart people !) and my husband just cracked up when I did a double take to look at it. I don't know what it is about that bag -- I think the fact that the fringe is sideways and so lush.
  15. the first one!!