Fringe Speedy less than retail

  1. This bag is $3100.00 + tax makes the final price around $3400.00, so this bag is still over retail, but not by much.
  2. I thought the bag retails at 3899.99??
  3. No, I think that maybe canadian currency?
  4. im not trying to insult anyone and its just my opinion but do you guys really think this bag is nice?? it looks a bit too crazy for me. i would think the fringes would bother me while walking. does anyone else feel this way or please prove me wrong. i just thinks this bag costs way too much.
  5. I like the bag because it's different and fun IMO.
  6. I love my black speedy and so do a few other Pf's who bought them. Go on my thread PICS of LVaddict's new fringe. You'll see the pics and alot of other opinions. Those who have them, seem to love them, anyone taken theirs back? I would buy the white bucket if hubby let me:P No, the fringe doesn't bother me when I walk either:lol:
  7. I do like this bag:yes: , I've wanted it since I saw the s/s 06 show and placed my name on the waitlist, and I do agree that it is EXTREMELY overpriced:rant: but its a collectors piece and I'm still undecided about purchasing one, OH btw, there are plenty stores stilll carrying this bag if anyones interested in getting one?:graucho:
  8. Different people, different likes...
    I think it looks gorgeous in black - but I'm not sure if it's worth the money.
  9. The Fringe speedy is not available everywhere. As mentioned in other threads, there were only 150 bags ever produced in the entire world. I can tell you from personal experience that it wasn't easy getting one. Has anyone really seen a fringe speedy in an LV boutique window ?
    You can find a Fringe bucket more easily than you can the Speedy. Apparently, there was a production problem and the Speedy's were too difficult to create, making them even more rare and valuable.
    This bag is a very particular bag that when you see it in photo, it's one thing, but in real life, all you can simply think is "WOW" !
    I love my Fringe - if you can get a hold of one, get it - you won't regret it.
  10. OH, I am ordering NOW!
  11. Should I get black or white?
  12. I would get black
  13. I saw the fringe speedy just sitting there in Valley Fair LV if anyone's interested.
  14. Go for the white!