fringe purple suede Rive Gauche from Vogue

  1. This bag appears in the May issue of Vogue... Looks like the Rive Gauche will be back.


    YSL bag in May Vogue.JPG YSL bag in May Vogue 2.JPG
  2. Wow! Love the color, not too sure about the fringe.
  3. I absolutely love it. The color is gorgeous and the fringe make it looks great. This bag really rocks!
  4. The color is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing, Cosmo. =)
  5. Wow, I like this!!
  6. Pretty! I really like it!
  7. :love:

    i love the color and the size looks perfect!
    was there info on the price?
  8. Very cute. Love how purple is so in.
  9. looks Gorgeous!!
  10. LOVE the color but, not sure about the fringe
  11. The bag is nice and the color is gorgeous but OH MY THE FRINGE! :wtf:
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. It doesn't look bad ... I kind of like it !
  14. the blouse and skirt are TDF.
  15. The color is beautiful but that fringe in rather hideous in my opinion.