Fringe pochette

  1. I didnt know they made this
  2. Is that the one off ebay? It's the baby of the bucket, not sold separately in stores. She states all that in the auction. This would be your chance to grab a piece! I have been trying to justify purchasing it, but my hubby would LOL after already getting me the speedy.
  3. Oh, so its much smaller then the regular pochette. A lot of money for a pochette wow 1699$
  4. I really like it!
  5. Its cute but not for that much!! Wowsa!
  6. It's cute but I'll pass! eBoutique has nice items but WAY overpriced!!!
  7. i tihnk its come with the bucket
  8. I hate it, I think people would laugh to see a person carrying this. Maybe my 7 year daughter would like it as a play purse.
  9. its so cute...