fringe or antik cervo? - please help me decide!

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  1. both hand carry (can't carry over shoulder), both on the large side (i love large bags!)

    i don't normally care about the longevity of a bag when i fall in love with one! when they are nice, they are nice. but this time, i thought, which could i carry forever without people pin-pointing exactly what season what year and how much.... i love them both, for now. and am greatly torn as there are several other bags i also want and i can only buy one!
  2. Definitely cervo- the leather is absolutely amazing and the styles are definitely classic enough to last many years. The fringe are, well.......unique. They're fun bags but not the most classic.
  3. thanks for your feedback so far gals. i keep going back to see if anyone had posted any comments! i can't buy until september or october anyway... but would like to have some time to think. i have been mulling over this for months now...!
  4. Even I would say if you have to choose given that criteria, go for the antic -- and you KNOW how much I love my fringe :smile:
  5. Antic all the way.
  6. Putting aside my usual "Cousin It" comments in reference to the fringe bag, looking from a durability standpoint, I'd say go with the Antik Cervo. The fringe on those bags look to me to have the potential to get torn off rather easily. I'm a girl of the 60's and 70's, so I remember fringe coats and bags all too well. Some little kid sees the fringe and *YANK* there goes a hunk of your bag. The strings/fringe are thin too, so I just see the leather drying out easily and how the HECK would anyone restore a bag with all those little fringe strings? :wtf:

    Hope that helps.
  7. antic cervo! :yes:
  8. well, looks like the antik cervo is winning here. i have both pics opened on my laptop and i kept looking at them. i so love the fringe, but somehow have this feeling deep down that i may be in love with the antik cervo for longer. but i so like the fringe. it is so weird, a bit like choosing which date to stick with and which to drop... :p (i am married now..)
  9. Antik cervo! :tup:
  10. antik cervo :tup:
  11. Antik cervo. The fringe just doesn't do it for me, I keep looking at the bag and seeing those dogs with long floppy ears that completely cover their faces! Sorry.....
  12. Bagpunk -- I understand. I did get the fringe myself. And I bought a gauffre on sale right after (both were on sale). I'm considering selling the gauffre come fall but then, I'm weird. :smile:
    I haven't had any trouble with the fringe yet btw, PP and a few top pieces are thinner than beneath and I did worry, but it has been stronger than I thought so far.
  13. Antic Cervo :tup:
  14. Since I'm one of the few fringe supporters, I also have to say that my Fringe Tote and my Patchwork Bowler with the fringe Strap have been amazing bags, no problems so far.
    I guess I would look at my "collection" of bags ........... most of which I would think you bought thinking you would love forever and see which one would be a nice addition to the mix.
    Good Luck and certainly post photos when you decide.