Fringe Nomad Reveal

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  1. #1 May 6, 2016
    Last edited: May 6, 2016
    This baby arrived today. I just snapped a few pics in the car because I'm 90% sure she's going back right after work. But, I know there was some interest in her, so I thought I'd post my impression.

    The detailing is beautiful. The whiplash stitching is perfect, and I think the fringe is just right for this style. I love that there is fringe coming off the top handle and the sides. Because of the stitching the bottom is different than other Nomads and I really worry about how those exposed edges will wear. It is fairly lightweight - I didn't notice any substantial difference from the regular Nomad.

    My biggest disappointment is the leather. From the stock pics, I expected/hoped this would be the same thick pebbled leather of the Rogue and fringe saddle bags but it isn't. This is noticeably thinner and stiffer.

    It's a beautiful bag, but it just isn't speaking to me




  2. Pretty. It's not the same leather as the regular Nomads either!
  3. What the style no

  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462568940.029643.jpg
  5. For a retail price of $795, it's not glove tanned pebbled leather? I definitely understand why it's not speaking to you. Is the interior leather or suede?

  6. It's leather. Same as the regular Nomad.

    I ordered it during the first PCE this year. I'm pretty sure it's excluded this time. Definitely not worth it - IMO.

    I had such high hopes for this bag. It's breaking my heart. But, I was carrying my black Dakotah today and kept feeling the two leathers. The Nomad just doesn't stack up.
  7. Bummer it didn't work out. On paper, this seems like such a cool bag but too bad they didn't use the same pebbled leather as the Dakotah.
  8. I love the details on the shoulder strap.....:smile:

  9. It could have been sooooooo amazing!

    Me too!!!!
  10. I ordered this bag too with the spring PCE. Now I'm nervous! Is it just the leather that you aren't liking? The style is so cute!
  11. That's a shame & I can understand your disappointment. When I first saw the stock photo, I would have thought it was the glovetan pebbled leather. Is this considered a "1941"bag? If not, perhaps those leathers will be reserved for bags in that line, although the price is definetly in the same spot as other 1941 bags. Thanks for sharing the photos as well as your thoughts. Its appreciated!
  12. How disappointing. When I first saw pics of this I was regretting the "plain" navy Nomad I got. I wanted the pebbled one with fringe and silver hardware! But now after hearing your review and seeing the price, I will be happy with the one I have. Too bad as the details are gorgeous.

  13. I hate to turn others off to it automatically. It is a super cute bag. If I hadn't had expectations for the leather I might be happy with it (but only at the ~$550 that I paid, not $795).

    I expected it to be a 1941 bag and I don't think it is. I don't really know how to tell - nothing says it is though.

    Other than the leather I'm concerned about how the exposed edges will wear on the bottom of the bag. It basically sits on the edgecoat - I don't think it will look good after awhile.
  14. The other issue with the leather that I forgot to mention... The leather is fairly stiff and the fringe is fairly short, so some of the fringe just sticks out instead of hanging nicely. I would hope that would improve with wear, but I'm not sure.
  15. Is the hardware silver? I kind of expected it to be gunmetal for some reason. I actually still think I will love it regardless of the leather . I kind of like the idea that it starts off a bit stiff to maintain the shape and so it doesn't fall over when put down. In time the leather will likely soften. I did think it would be the same leather as my fringed saddle bag though. That leather is so soft!