Fringe Multi Color Bucket Bag

  1. Awk, they're fugly. I don't know why but everytime I see them, I imagine a MC papillon instead. :wacko:
  2. hm....for almost $6000.....I rather get 4 more mono/standard style bag... or 6 pairs of LV shoes ahhahaa :lol:
  3. ^^ I disagree. I would rather get this than 6 other LV standard line. LV standard line is so commona and is highly copied !! I will never buy standard line LV due to this.
  4. OMG i looooooooove this bag! (I'm probably one of the few and far between!). Like I've said, I don't like the black MC, but the white would be absolutely to die for!!!!
  5. I LOVE it in white!!! What is the retail price for those?
  6. I think they're cute, aren't they around $3K?
  7. i think the fringe is hideous, and definitely not worth the outrageous price

    but that's just me
  8. My friend and I went by LV yesterday and asked about how much the fringe speedy was, and I think he said about $3,400 (I definitely remember it was over $3,000). I don't know about the bucket, but it has to be around the same price. TOO much for such a crazy wild bag, if you ask me.
  9. Yikes! That's alot of money to pay just for the 'fringy bits'.
  10. There is just too much goin on !!!!!!! :nuts:
  11. It always makes me think it's a regular Bucket wearing a Halloween costume with a wig...
  12. Fugly.
  13. hideous!
  14. Way too busy....and too much $$ IMO.