Fringe LVs

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  1. Hi everyone!

    We had our DC PF meeting today, and talked about how some of you were looking for the "fringe" LVs.

    Well, the free-standing LV at Chevy Chase, MD had a Speedy available (now, I'm not familiar with the line, so bear with me on this) multicolor body with the fringe. The LV boutique in Saks down the street had the bucket and pochette (at least that's what elongreach and I thought it was) in the white multicolor available.

    Just passing along the info...
  2. Thanks Suli for the info! girls grab your fringe while it stills available!!!
  3. Yea it was really interested to see 3 fringes less than a block from each other. I've heard so many people looking for these bags and getting ready to go on ebay for them. Ladies call 866 before you do that or call Chevy Chase free standing or the Chevy Chase Saks. That young lady in Saks was extremely friendly and gave Michele's daughter a catalog. I wish I would have gotten her name.
  4. The Saks in Columbus, OH had a white fringe speedy and possibly a black one too. (I didn't see it but the SA mentioned that it came in black, so I'm guessing that they have one there.) If you're looking for one, I would definitely give the Columbus Saks a call.
  5. Definitely call first, I saw a couple in Las Vegas. There is no need to pay those outrageous ebay prices yet, a new Lv that you know is real is just a call away.
  6. yes the price on ebay are outrageous LoL :nuts::rant: