Fringe Clutch, yea or nay?

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  1. I've been admiring this clutch for a while and now it's on sale! Of course now I'm unsure. I sort of love it. I love the intrecciato under the fringe and I think it would look great with a casual look maybe skinny jeans, heals or booties. Is it too trendy? Will I hate it next year? Does it look like you are carrying a little creature in your hands? What do you think? TIA!!!! :thinking::
  2. I don't think stationary photos do this clutch justice - imagine carrying it along and seeing constant glimpses of the weave beneath. This piece is definitely eye candy (and hand candy) and will be a source of constant pleasure, should you decide to buy.

    If you do a search on Google for bottega veneta fringe clutch and then click on 'images' (upper left corner of your screen, next to 'web') you'll get more of an idea of how this bag may look.
  3. I just found this post with photos of someone carrying this bag!
  4. I love it... its fun & it works with what you want to wear it with..

    BV bags just get better as time goes by
  5. I saw this on the BG website too and it definitely caught my eye. And it's a good price too.

    Will it last 5 plus seasons--I'm not so sure. But the next two--definitely. And the fact remains it's so groovy and bohemian that it'd be interesting. I like it with a more casual funky look.
  6. Thank you so much to all of you brilliant enablers!!! I do love it but need to think carefully because I have my eye on some pieces in the fall 2013 collection too. If I go for it I will of course post photos! Thanks again.