Fringe Bucket or All this....

  1. So I'm having second thoughts on the fringe bucket. It was a really pretty bag IRL but as I'm looking over eluxury I realize that I could get 3 bag for the price of the bucket (and I know it comes with the pochette but this is not a practical stand alone bag for my needs) What should I get....
    fringe bucket or

    3 MC bags (I'm not sure about black or white yet but I think that these 3 bags would be more classic)

    or the new suhali color le fab
    p10470348_ph_althero_Black.jpg p10826113_ph_hero.jpg p11079797_ph_althero__White.jpg p10505897_ph_hero.jpg
  2. I say go for the Noe, The Alma, and the Audra or Gracie.GL
  3. As much as I love the bucket, I would still get 4 LVs!!! I don't think I can ever get enough wear out of the bucket to justify it's price tag!
  4. you can buy the bucket and sell the included pochette to offset the price...
  5. I personally would get the 3 MC bags.
    I think the new silver/titanium hardware kinda clashes with the Suhali colour, so I wouldn't get that. However, if you like the colour combination, by all means, buy it.
    As for the fringe bags, I personally don't like the way they look, so I wouldn't buy them for myself. But once again, if you love it and prefer it over the other four choices, definitely purchase the fringe bucket.
  6. The Fringe is very unique and you seem to like it so try not to focus on the price and how many other bags you could get.
  7. Le Fab!!!!!
  8. i'd get the three Multicolore bags. they're so much more worth it, and you could get so much more use out of them than the fringe bucket (which, by the way, i think is hideous).

    if you get the le fabuleux, get any of the colors, but not the Sienne. the hardware and leather colors somehow just don't go.
  9. Three MC bags. I cant get enough of that Alma!
  10. 3 MCs!
  11. Definately the 3 MC bags!
  12. Of course you can get 3 bags for the price of the bucket but honestly before you saw the fringe bucket you didn't have much opinion about it right? GIRLS! I saw this bag, touched it, Carried it and beleive me before I saw I was not in love. Since I saw it I can't stop to think about it.
  13. 3 bags
  14. Get 3 bags..
    I like le fab but not sienna..I think color combo in new suhali makes it too dull..
  15. Hmmm...decisions, decisions lol...Ya, get the 3 Multicolors!!! 3 times the deal, minus all those fringy strings dangling off! YAY lol (I'm not a fan of the Fringe). I personally don't like any of LV's buckets because of the shape and the way they sit under your arm just doesn't feel comfortable. Also, vertically shaped bags look better on taller gals and i'm rather short (5'2"), so i find that they aren't very suitable on me.