Fringe available on

  1. I was cruising the website and the UK and French site are offering the Fringe, actual "purchase now" for the bucket on the UK site and both on the French. Good for European fans! I don't know if they ship to the US and it's too late for me to call. Maybe they will be releasing some for Eluxury soon:yahoo: . Keep an eye out!
  2. I wondered about that myself. I got lost on the LV France site :love:watching the fashion shows and the history of LV, and even though I dont speak French I swear I understood everything:yahoo:
  3. just called 5th avenue store, the girl said that they will receive the speedy next month only 3! maybe in 3 in white and 3 in black , she said the fringe line will be only 3000 pieces (I guess bucket + speedy) worldwide.
  4. the speedy is 3800 dollars and the bucket a little bit more. I cross the finger to find one at eluxury!
  5. Yeah..I heard the boutiques here (like those in Neiman/Saks) will get in ONLY one of the bucket and the larger stores (example-South Coast) will get 2 of both the speedy and the bucket.
    I don't know about elux..the look book didn't say that it would be sold there, but I don't know if *that* many people will be clammoring to get them, so they'll probably release 2 or 3 to them.
  6. when you click on the french website it says "momentanement indisponible" you can't buy it from there , damn
  7. I swa the bucket version in person at the LV in Bermuda while I was on vacation. Too much happening for me but interesting to checkout.
  8. first of all why is it that expensive? some lizard or alligator bags from last summer were about the same price, this one is just made of canvas and leather strings :mad::mad::mad::mad:!!!

    why is it that limited? just after the runway my SA told me it was going to be expensive but everywhere.:blink:
  9. Was it available for sale? or just in display?
  10. Yeah I know..I just bought a runway bag from last F/W (the monogram denim chinchilla demi lune) for $3600..and that was limited to only 30!
    But with the bucket, I think it has to do with the charms on it too..there's probably some kind of stone (maybe turquoise or coral) on a couple of the charms.
    But your SA was IS really limited but not everyone will want it, which accounts for it being "everywhere." They set forth a lot of rules about the sales and how many each store can get and all, but IMO, most people won't want to pay nearly 4k for such a trendy bag, so there WILL be more around after all the hype is over.
  11. I hope not too much people will want it, I just checked on the uk website and here are the infos about the charms:

    122 beads (glass paste tube beads inset with gold leaves, lozenge in blown glass paste, grey pierrite, golden brass spheres and tube beads at tips of fringe)
  12. I love your avatar
  13. They don't.
    I wanted to buy something online and they wouldn't even ship to Germany... it's a France/UK-thing only, at the moment. :cry:
  14. I didn't ask, she took it out and showed it to me but I never asked if it was for sale or not.
  15. I Agree Miroirprincess ~ I Much Rather Have A Bag Less Want!