Fring Line not available on elux...

  1. Does anyone know why?
  2. Because it's limited?:sad:
  3. It's because it's from a very limited collection and was a runway piece. Certain collections will be put on eluxury either a- if it will be produced in enough quantity that such a thing can be done or b- if there is a bit of leftover quantity of something from a past season (as that of the Cerises and Panda.)
  4. Hello everyone this is my first thread, cutiepie you must be spoiled by the tax free buying like myself. We can only wish for those pieces to become available on eluxury...but I won't wait for that to happen, you can still purchase through 866-VUITTON.
  5. Hi Bossy and welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunatley, I don't get tax free buying from elux cuz i live in CA. I'm just too lazy to go to the LV boutique cuz it's like a 40 minute drive downtown and parking in San Francisco is terrible!!
  6. Sorry, I'm confused, what is the Fring line?
  7. The multicolor fringe handbags.
  8. Fringe line.. sorry, typo, LOL
  9. Thank you cutiepie, well too bad for you, I know how frustrating that can be (the 40 minute drive) just think how I feel, the nearest boutique would be in Houston since the hurricane.
  10. OHHH DUH!!! Sorry, thanks for making it click!
  11. Oh! I didn't even realize you are from Louisiana! My sister is living in New Orleans right now. She moved there two months before the hurricane hit and had to come back to CA until it was open again.
  12. I checked out the white MC fringe bucket in person at the San Francisco Neimans last week. It was very flashy, and very heavy. Cute though. I can't imagine myself carrying it.

    I like the multicolor but I find I can only handle it in small accessories. It is perfect in wallet form (for me).
  13. Here is one of the two bags released, the fringe speedy 25 in white :heart: multicolor

  14. Is the demi lune going to be released?
  15. No, only the Speedy 25 and the Bucket will be available. The Demi Lune was supposed to be released but in the end, they didn't do it.

    Too bad ! I loved the Demi Lune, but I am very happy with my Fringe Speedy :heart::biggrin::heart::yahoo::heart: