Frightening Coach Sighting

  1. I hadn't seen even one designer bag in my new ofice and today I saw a coach signature carryall. It easily identified as a fake and had a pocket on the front that isn't on the authentic one. I gasped as looked down and saw a a iced coffee drink sticking out of the pocket. No one would be crazy enough to stick a platic cup full of coffee in the front pocket of a real coach but even in the front of a fake one scared me...a mess waiting to happen.
  2. ^^^Wow, I'm sorry you had to see that. I would have an anxiety attack if I saw a real coach with food or drink sticking out of it. I am super particular about stuff like that. I won't even carry pens without then being in a bag of some sort.
  3. ohh wow
  4. Thats good , maybe the coffee will sacrfice itslef and spill all over the bag and ruin it !