Friends you can't stop being friends with

  1. Do any of you have friends you just can't stop being friends with because you've had friends for so long, or because you have tons of mutual friends... or for any other reason? Even though you'd like to not be friends with them, it seems impossible?

    My life would probably be easier if I cut on girlfriend who's a chronic liar out, but unfortunately, our families know each other and the two of us have been playing together since we were little kids. And yes, she has been lying about *everything* since we were practically in diapers.:weird:
  2. well i have 3 other friends i've been friends with for over 10 years since we were little kids so i don't think i could ever stop being friends with them. we're too much like family. :smile:
  3. You don't necessarily have to stop being friends with that person, just diminish the "super best friends until we die!!!!" part. You see less of them, still see the others, maybe you'll enjoy seeing that person again when you're not confronted as much with their problems.
  4. Been there...done is soooo tough to break a long term friendship, but deep down when you know it has to be has to be done. It will make your life easier and a bit more pleasant. I had to break a friendhip of 20 years and it was awful, but after a bit my life was truly cleaned up. Honest.
  5. Life is too short to call people that make you feel uncomfortable friends. I have a very needy girlfriend that I find myself spending less and less time with. She is always sick (so she thinks) whines about her hubby (unless he is great at hiding some really horrid traits, he's a doll) and just life in general. It gets old and tiresome. I prefer people that I can have real fun with or I can deal with doing things by myself :smile:
  6. Done that but not proud of it, however, don't think there is an alternative. If I don't believe in her behaviour and her value on FRIENDSHIP, I won't cut her lost right away. I will observe more to make sure. If I find out that's just who she is, I will just cut her lost even we have mutual friends. I can still hang out with our mutual friends, just keep my distance from her. I am someone who deals with issue right away instead running away from it or sitting on it. But there are things that you just can't talk about, solve or change.
  7. I'm wouldn't waste one second of my life being friends with someone I didn't want to be friends with. I am a "I can take you or leave you" type of person by nature. You know who your "genuine" friends are and those are the ones that should be in your life. Anyone else is a waste of time.
  8. I have learned the hard way that you can't change someone. I have had some "friends" treat me really awful and talk awful about me- the best and only way to handle it is to distance yourself from them. It is not always easy but life is too short to be trying to keep someone your friend who only brings you down. Surround yourself by happy and positive people always :idea:
  9. I don't have many girl friends to begin with and my best friend lives in another province. The couple of girls I know here just drives me insane. One girl keeps complaining about her ex boyfriend so she calls him but then next thing u know she's talking to him again. Now I've been up with her till 3 in the morning listening to her cry over and over and yes now that she got a new job just down the street we barely talk it's so sad really. The other girlfriend of mine well she got married not to long ago but she gossips a lot and she doesn't really approve of my boyfriend. I haven't seen her in two months. It seems though with time a part I can talk to them but I don't feel close enough to be more personal with them anymore. The one other friend I have well she had a kid a few months ago and we went to high school together. We get a long really well, I can talk to her about anything but now she's engaged too. I wouldn't trade this one for the world. I'm slowly running out of single girlfriends to hang out with (booo):sad2:
  10. I know what you mean.. my problem is she's my cousin. We are only 2 months a part, and since we were in diapers, we've been compared to in everything. She lies to make herself look better and she says mean things about me. She even stole my wedding date. I announced my engagement, and a few days later she did the same. When she found out I had picked a date, she announced her date which happened to be the same day as mine! I'm still not over that. :mad:

    I've tried to distance myself from her forever, but since she's family, it's kinda hard.
  11. Ha! It sounds like my best friend is going through the same thing you are!

    As for me, IntlSet, it seems like you've hit the nail on the head w/ this topic! I just can't bring myself to tell this one friend that I'd rather not be friends w/ her anymore. We just don't have anything in common anymore. We used to hang out a lot when we both weren't married but I'd consider her more of a drinking buddy. We'd get into sooo much trouble when we would go out. But now, I'm going back to school, trying to have a family and married. I think she still wants to do the things we did when we were single and gets mad if I don't. Very annoying but I don't really hang out w/ them anymore since I'm so busy w/ work and school. Sometimes, it's a good excuse.;)
  12. I have one that kinda-sorta falls into that category. It's just a matter of mixing personal life and professional life that she always seem to do. But at the end of the day, she's still my friend....and no, I can't get rid of her. LOL.
  13. I used to be friends with a girl named Vanessa who was a chronic liar. She used to call me constantly, but call me her needy friend. I would slso always catch her in lie. I think some people just lie so much they think it's the truth. After awhile I stopped dealing with her,
  14. IntlSet ***hugs*** i'm really sorry that your friend is like the lying queen!!! its all about karama - everything she's lied about or done will come back to her... maybe once that happens she'll learn from it and become a better person.

    i must say i've only got a handful of close girls who are my friends - there is 1 girl that always calls me and wants to do things but i know deep down she's just trying to dig for gossip about my life so she can feed it back to there parents (crazy chinese ppl) i try and stay away from her - shes just a two face (oh gosh - cant believe i just typed that!)
  15. I have been through a very similar situation. In fact, it happened my last year of highschool. I had heard that my supposed "best friend"s mom had been saying negative things about me:weird: i confronted her about it...and all hell broke loose. Whenever some one asked me about the situation, I wouldnt say anything behind her back because she wasnt there to defend herself. However, she wasnt so gracious:evil: ...she told everyone her side of the story...and low and behold..i ended up losing three of my closest friends:cry: ...but its okay, in the end I actually realize that losing those friends was the best thing that could have happened to me...:suspiciou