Friends Who Owe You Money Can Quickly Become Former Friends ?

  1. Its pretty much common sense, or it has been said a million times before.

    How do you handle a friend who owes you money ?

    Does it depend on the amount, friend or circumstances?
  2. I usually don't loan money to friends, exactly for this reason.

    If it's $5 or something, sure - I don't care...But for a substantial amount of money? Nah.
  3. It is always tricky... people tend to take advantage of me because I am too nice :sad: Typically, I try to bring it up- but I must never be stern enough :shrugs:
  4. creates resentment for sure. I can't stand it when someone owes me money...except my mom 'cause she always pays up. LOL

    Sometimes where I work someone will buy a piece of jewelry and ask if they can pay me later. *sigh* That's tough and usually I say yes but then have gone for months waiting for payment, which sucks. I have bills to pay. :|

    On the flip side of that, I borrowed $1,000 from my grandfather several years ago. It wasn't for anything important...I wanted to take my younger cousins to Disneyland and didn't want to put it on a credit card when booking. And I paid him off as fast as I could. My mom told me that he would NOT have done that for some of his other grandkids (or even some of his kids!). LOL

    So for me, it definitely depends on the person. I'd loan my mom money if she needed it, and my sister in law. My brother? Hmmmm...maybe. If he was on his meds. LOL
  5. friends and money don't mix. i would only loan my best best friend money.
  6. Loaning money to friends is a bad situation. I had to do it once when my friend needed money to purchase a wedding ring for his fiance and he didnt have the credit to do so. It seriously took forever for him to pay me back. This definitely builds resentment in a relationship. Its best to keep the bank of Lisa closed.
  7. My friends aren't the problem, it's my relatives!!!:censor: :rant: :censor:

    I have 6 sis-in-laws and 1 :censor: 'd it up for the the rest!:yahoo:

    So NO MORE!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. I only lend money to my best friend. She always pays me back quickly, as in the very next time she sees me. I don't mind lending money to immediate family members. It's family after all.
    Other than that, i politely decline to others.
  9. family yay and if my best friends should have serious trouble (but i guess then i would give it to them without asking to get it back)
  10. I think if you go into this arrangement without a promise note to have it payed back, then it's probably best to not expect it back. It doesn't make it right if they don't pay it back, however I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't, as it was my responsibility to make it a loan and put it in writing.
  11. I am going through this right now!!!!! I did one of my good childhood freinds a favor and lent her some money (shoot she'll never see this so) $2k to be exact, she said she would pay me when she got her income tax but it's been a long time since her due date and everytime I call her up and give the slightest hint she starts giving me excuses, the first excuse someone banged into her car and she needs to get it fixed, second she had to ay her bills, third her car got broken into, then she pissed me off when she went on vacation and called me to wire her money!!!!:censor:
  12. I will only loan money to my family and some relatives (if I am close to them). HOWEVER, regardless of whom I lend to, I do NOT expect to get the money back. It's better to consider the money lost or else it creates lots of stress trying to track down the money later ... Actually, my parents don't pay me back for anything, but I consider that okay since they spent more raising me than I would ever be able to pay back.
  13. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
    She had the nerve to call you up on vacation to ask you to wire her money?!!!! Are you still friends with her?
  14. :wtf: thats just wrong!

  15. Ditto.