Friends who are not in the loop of LV bags

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  1. I have a dear friend whom Im always in touch with..and although we live in different countries, we always manage to update each other's life. We try to meet up whenever im in the country. One day, she suddenly popped up the question to me, " E, u know how i always admire your sense of dressing but something i can never get ,is your bags, why are u always wearing these 'grandma' bags? i think they are just too old for u!" I can totally understand where it came from, as most of LV bags are brown. e,g monograms and damier. She caught me off guard and I dun have the heart to tell her that these are expensive bags, cos i dont know what she might think. anyways, my point is, has anyone had this sorta experience? If you do, how do you respond/react to it??
  2. Well I could care less whether other people think something looks too mature for me. Personally, I would just shrug it off and say that I love it and smile! :smile:
  3. I don't think that I would tell her how much they cost, but I would educate her about the history of LV, the worksmanship, etc. and let her know that the bags are classic bags. Then I would tell her that, "When I do become an old lady, my bags will still be in style!";););)
  4. Odd - I never see "old ladies" with mono or damier LV - either they have the harder to recognize leather ones or other brands altogether.

    Here very young girls seem to go for white MC and then mono and then damier azur and then ebene and then the more expensive LV styles as they age (you can almost anticipate their approximate age by looking at the bag first and then their face).

    However, as a general rule I just don't care for brown bags (or shoes) and have never had any in any brand, so my husband (and I myself to be honest) don't understand why I'm so attracted to LV mono and damier ebene! I would be an exception if I got one, as I'm getting into "old lady" territory.
  5. My bf said that my Trevi looked like an old lady's bag when I first tried it on in store :nuts:

    I disregard him, as he is a Gucci fan anyway.
  6. Just say you love them and laugh. It is not worth a great friendship to say more.
  7. Thanks everyone for your great inputs..:smile: i guess it's best to just smile abt it. Anyways, there are so many other pp out there who can truly appreciate LV bags!!!
  8. some people just are oblivious to designer bags. You should tell her about LV and why you love their bags so much. She'll have a better idea of your bags after that.
  9. I don't really care. I would just say something along the lines of "well I like them".
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao: @ the Gucci comment!

    OP: I wouldn't worry about what your friend thinks! I would just say I love my bags and leave it at that or ignore her comment altogether!
  11. i would just try to laugh it off :P I agree with OCDLV too, just share a little bit about LV history :smile:
    Ps I've NEVER heard anyone say that LV mono or damier looked like a grandma bag lmao!
    Even if she doesnt understand, its still a funny story to your fellow tpfers! Cuz we love your "grandma" bags!:roflmfao:
  12. Just tell her you love the bags and you feel they fit your style. I wouldn't get into the cost of LV. I'm sure she didn't do it with malicious intent. I have a friend that loves Chanel which to me are very matronly. Very rarely have I seen a Chanel that looks youthful or trendy on someone no matter what they are wearing. When she teases me about my LV, I tease her about the "old" Chanel. Although we can't get into the fascination of each other's preferred brand, we tease each other lovingly and with laughs.
  13. I guess that's subjective. It also depends on what LV bags she was referring to...some of the older or classic styles do look more mature especially in mono e.g. mono alma compared to mono Tivoli, for example. But so long as you love the style, then you shouldn't be too bothered about the comment.
  14. I also agree with telling her some of the history. My family dooes not understand why I love LV. I don't know why because my parents gravitate towards the finer things in life. Just not LV.
  15. maybe I will just laugh and said that I value more than its look.