Friends that seem to be always RIGHT BEHIND YOU....

  1. This issue has been bugging me for the longest now..
    and finally last nite was the last straw.

    I have this (so called) girlfriend...who I believe is so not original.

    She copies me from my favorite Starbucks drink, my bags, my hobbies,my fav music artists, and even mentioned that she wishes her bf was "like mine"

    Basicly, anything that I have, she wants, but better.

    It's getting to a point where I've had enough.

    I know the grown up thing to is to to take it as a compliment that Ive got great taste, but...I am only human to get bugged about this stuff.

    :hysteric: < this is how I feel right about now.

    Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? How do you deal with it?

    I just need to get over this matter and mooooove on.
  2. omg I totally understand how you feel and sympathize! It is very annoying I got a lil distant from my friend until she asked me what was wrong and I told her blah blah she said its not intentional and that she'll try not to try to do it so much and she did do her best and were still good friends, but now I have another friend whos doing it :hysteric:
  3. I think people like that are insecure in their lives and are trying to compliment you because they feel you got it together more than they have. Perhaps you can help her develope a style all of her own, def. have a talk with her.
  4. Oh god, I feel your pain. That has to be one of the most annoying things EVER. I've had that happen to me multiple times and I always end up having to end the friendship.
  5. Yuck my future sister in law is the same way!!

    She tries to get the same Tiffany's jewlery as me, reads the same books, etc....SO ANNOYING!! It is totally flattering the first few times but then it gets really irritating!!
  6. Hey!

    My friend is totally like yours but worse lol, she constantly tells lies trying to be like me and Im a guy. She lies that she has an alexander Mcqueen Scarf when I said that I was thinking about getting one. She lies that her mum has a Birkin bag alothough she herself cant afford an LV cles and thought I was "Silly" spending so much on an accessorie...Good job she hasnt seen some of my bags.

    Its a sad fact that I would say that I dont have a great friend. Dont get me wrong, I have alot of friends and know alot of people but most friends I have lie to keep up with me on certain things and I try not to tell them what Ive got but it still seems to get round. I feel quite sad that I dont really have even One great friend...I just have friends who I hang around with etc.
    Like I have some issues that I would love to tell a "Great" friend but I dont have one to tell, If I told my friends the issues they would just laugh and that annoys me :sad:.
  7. My friend has been like that since we were 5 years old. It drove me crazy for years and years and years. Her mom was just as bad- every time my mom did something for me (threw a themed b-day party, bought me this or that) her mom would do the same for her. Now I just shrug- they just aren't very creative apparently.
  8. omg that is ridiculous
  9. Like you said the mature thing to do is take it as a compliment.
  10. hmmm...

    have you noticed that after you tell thems omething good thats happening to u they sorta stop or slow down contacting u???
  11. i agree
    sometimes i think some 'friends' secretly like it if youve got some 'probs' or issues in your life..they listen and i suspect it makes them feel good about themselves secretly...when something good happens, they're like oh ok..
    i keep a distance from such 'friends'
  12. OMG! she sounds like the girl in the single white female movie.
    i understand if my friends copied my choice of bags or clothes, i considered it as an appreciation of my taste.
    but if someone started to copied my fave drinks & musics, even my taste of guys, i must be freaked out.
    did you ever talk about this to her? and how close is she with you for that matter?
  13. Maybe she just really admires you? But if it bothers you that much you should just talk to her about it.
  14. Definately talk to her about it, she obviously thinks that you have nice things or admires the way you look. Sometimes people don't know where to draw the line. I have a friend who does it slightly and I'm okay with it. Then there is another girl who literally snatches things out of my hands while shopping, lol which is not acceptable! People need to know their limits.