Friend's son dresses as spiderman - all the time!

  1. One of my fellow students at school has a problem. Her son who is now in kindergarten always dresses as Spiderman! He wears a Spiderman costume to school EVERY single day, complete with hood and boots, he wears it to play and refuses to take it off.

    I'm a mom too, but I'm totally stumped! Does anyone have any suggestions about a way to make him dress in appropriate clothing for school and play? My friend is really unhappy because her son refuses to go to school unless he is dressed as Spiderman, and his teacher says that being dressed in costume all day in class is inappropriate and inhibits him during gym and other P.E. activities. She tried her best to make him dress appropriately, and now the school is getting involved as his teacher refuses to have him wear his costume to class everyday.
  2. My son had a Superman obsession and dressed as Superman every day. We bought all Superman themed shirts and had him be "Clark Kent" during school, wearing his t-shirts and jeans. But I confess, I encourage my kids to be creative in their dress. So I may not be the best to give advice,lol.
  3. My little brother did the same thing, only he was a different 'character' each day. He eventually got over it (plus, he had to wear a uniform after kindergarten). He now uses the same creativity to write screenplays and wants to attend NYU film school. He's a freshman in high school now and pretends this phase never happened, even though we have the pictures to prove it! When my brother had to start wearing a uniform my mom just made it into another 'make believe' game for him. She did have to put her foot down a few times and just deal with the temper tantrum he threw. Perhaps he could start dressing as his alter-ego Clark Kent?
  4. This thread made me laugh, my two grandkids were obsessed with spiderman and other characters and wore costumes all the time, even to sleep......i had to go to costume stores constantly with them....Glad to report they outgrew it but the whole family remembers the costume fetish they went through..:heart:H
  5. i don't see a problem he's a little kid that likes to dress up big woop his teacher is over reacting
  6. Maybe she could have him dress as 'Peter Parker' when he's at school.
  7. Personally I think its ridiculous to let him wear a costume each day to school. He is going to be known forever as that weird kid who wore a costume to school!! Its a shame she already let him do it. I think the clark kent idea is amazing. Tell your friend to give him two options. Dress as a real boy, or be Peter Parker. If he doesnt choose one, the spiderman costume goes.
  8. It could be distracting for the other kids though . . .
  9. I would throw the costume away and buy spiderman shirts, shoes, and underwear for him to wear instead. The costume could be distracting for other students.
  10. Well, I'll be glad to tell my friend that at least it's not unusual!!

    Selena, you're right. The teacher had said it was distracting for the other kids, and especially inconvenient for him. (They have a mandatory gym period every day and kids have to be appropriately dressed for that also.)

    I will tell my friend about all your suggestions! She's really frazzled these days...she has this kid, a younger one and now expecting her 3rd because she was breastfeeding the 2nd and thought it was 'safe' :wtf: and her husband is a layabout... She really can't deal with a lot of stress right now.
  11. This is so funny for me to read... because my one brother LIVED in a superman costume. It was ALL he would wear... with the cape and everything. He paired it with cowboy boots. My parents let him wear it on the weekends, to the mall, to dinner (no where super nice), but not to school. I have no idea how they helped him not wear it to school, because he LIVED in that costume. We have tons of pics still. It is normal, for some reason!
  12. you have a point

    purly also had a great idea telling him to dress as peter parker
  13. I actually beleive in letting a child express themself..Id let him do it...LOL!
    He will find out for himself(through his freinds)..when its time to stop..
    I like the idea of buying him spidy undies etc to help.
    I think every child NEEDS a protective item some time in their life.
    Ill never forget once when my daughter was scared to go to kindergarten..I gave her my special bracelet(It had protective POWERS!LOL!) to wear everyday....she loves that thing and wouldnt go anywhere without it TILL she was finally comfy leaving home and going to school.
  14. I believe in letting a child express themselves but there is a time & a place for everything. Kids do need to learn when things are appropriate and when they are not, there is a HUGE difference between wearing Spiderman shoes/shirts vs. indulging his demands of a full Halloween costume.

    There is no reason his interest in Spiderman shouldn't be encouraged but in a much more appropriate manner for school. Kids do need to hear no sometimes and there is nothing wrong with letting the kid throw a tantrum. He'll get over it and learn the great lesson of compromise.
  15. The child I'm talking about always (since I've known him maybe for 2 years now) has had issues with clothing.

    It's probably the lack of control by the mother because he even had problems dressing appropriately before his spiderman craze. He'd dress in short sleeved shirt, sandals and no socks or jacket in November, or hoodie and long pants in July. We live in Connecticut by the way where usual November temps are 40-50 degrees and July temperatures hit the 90s.